Guest blogger – 17 weeks pregnant – we welcome back Chelsea and catch up on her pregnancy…

Wow! Time is going quickly read about my pregancy below!
I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and It’s so nice to feel more like my original self, no more ‘starvation’ feelings (when I had just finished my massive ham, cheese and pickle baguette for lunch) – still my ultimate craving! and the ‘sicky’ feeling has just about sloped off.
My 16 week midwife appointment…
I was really looking forward to this appointment as I knew I could hear my baby’s heartbeat during this checkup. Hearing my baby’s beautiful singing heartbeat for the first time was amazing. My whole body was filled with utter love and contentment mixed with relief that everything was going well.
I’ve been a constant worrier the entire duration of my pregnancy so far, I’m loving every second of it but I want to make sure I’m not doing/eating anything that could jeopardize the health of my unborn child. I’m writing this blog on whilst on my last ‘couples’ holiday before we become a family, I was terrified about going through the airport security as I was always told they use X-ray scanners… THEY DON’T! I was unbelievably upset after explaining to security that I was pregnant and was told to go through anyway… but it was honestly fine, this is where my superhero husband comes back to calm me with soothing words and reassurance. I’ve turned into a total shadow of the person I was before, but I’m becoming a mum and I’m getting used to my motherly emotions.
So… When do my weird cravings start?! I kinda like the idea of an obscure ‘must have’ and sending my husband out on errands to find a fix for my latest craze! That’s what he’s there for right?… jokes aside he’s been my rock, he has done so for the past 11 years and it’s become more apparent how lucky I am with him being so ‘cool’ about my mood swings, hanger pains and my new frustration at not being able to do the simplest of things.
I now have the start of a beautiful little bump and I love showing it off! I’ve actually quite enjoyed searching for ‘maternity’ wear as I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of finding something fashionable and flattering (which is difficult when looking at maternity wear, you literally go from topshop fashion to middle aged fashion). I still want to feel ‘in’ with the world whilst parading my bump proudly and elegantly.
I’ve never wanted to wish the year away before, but November can’t come quick enough! I can’t wait and I’m definitely a summer lover.
So… 20 week scan in 3 weeks time! The question is do we find out?!….
An adventure has already begun, why not ride the train and find out who you have been waiting for at the end of the ‘tunnel’.
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