secret blogger

New pregnant blogger - Secret blogger

New pregnant blogger – Secret blogger

My lovely blogger Kate has had her twin boys, she’ll be in the studio soon and blogger how the birth went!

I also have a new pregnant blogger – it’s a secret for a little bit longer until she is 20 weeks

On the day I found out I was pregnant I remember how crisp and cool the air felt outside. It was early in February and I had an overwhelming feeling that I was carrying a little life inside me. Before I went to purchase a pregnancy test (or 4!) I took my youngest to the forest to clear my head and calm my nervous system. I wasn’t really sure how I was feeling.


A mixture of pure exhilaration, excitement and joy but also worry over how my body might respond to another pregnancy. (During my previous pregnancies I have been unwell and living with an autoimmune disease always brings uncertainties and complications to each pregnancy). However the forest restored my sense of calm, it reminded me that I was safe and that life and indeed nature has a way knowing how to grow into something beautiful and new.


That afternoon, with my youngest by my feet, I took a pregnancy test and there it was ~ two little blue lines confirming my what my intuition had been telling me. We were due to travel on holiday in 2 days so the timing was interesting, but my partner was over the moon (and only had to stare at the tests a couple of times before realising they were not lateral flow tests).



We have two small children and decided it would be best to wait until the 12 week scan before we told them I had a little life growing in my belly. Mainly because my eldest is very sociable and I imagined scenarios of them telling everyone in any beach / forest / walk / shop we went to that mummy has a baby in her tummy.



During the first 6-12 weeks the food aversions and sickness was unreal. I have experienced this in all of my pregnancies and it never gets any easier. The term “morning sickness” is rubbish because this type of sickness lasted 24/7. I managed by sipping carbonated water and eating potatoes for what felt like a lifetime but was probably only 5-6 weeks. I found it a lot harder to manage the exhaustion with two children under 5 as there was very little time to simply rest compared to my first pregnancy. Hiding it from work colleagues was also interesting as those Microsoft teams cameras can be unforgiving if you are experiencing a day of sickness mixed with back to back meetings.


Now that I am in the second trimester, the sickness and exhaustion has definitely faded. I have more energy and am finding I can eat more than just potatoes and chips. I am also enjoying reading about mindful pregnancy techniques such as breath-work, meditation, hypnobirthing and yoga and have spent time each week documenting my pregnancy journey by writing in a journal. My children now know they have a baby brother/sister who will be joining them earth-side very soon and my bump is definitely starting to show. Soon I will tell more people but I have really enjoyed keeping this pregnancy to ourselves for now.

secret blogger

We have had our 12 week scan and it always feel surreal to see a little soul wiggling around on a black and white monitor and yet also be unable to feel anything from inside. The scan brought so much relief but of course every now and again I catch my thoughts wandering into worry.


Each week I write affirmations in my journal and on the days when I feel anxious or unsure about my capabilities I repeat some of the following:

*my body knows how to protect and nourish my baby, *I trust my instincts, *I am present, *I trust my body to know what to do. I am going with the flow and it feels good to really savour each moment of this pregnancy.



Pop back in a few weeks for more guest blogs!


New photography package - for returning clients

New photography package - for returning clients

New photography package – for returning clients


It is always lovely to have families come back. As babies turn into toddlers/children I know you don’t necessarily want an hour-long shoot.

This new package is a short and sweet session for those wanting a studio session but without trying to keep kids still for too long.

This new package includes up to 30 minutes of studio time, meaning if we get all we need in 20 minutes you don’t need to hang around. Or if we need a bit longer to settle in 30 minutes is long enough to still get some images without rushing.

Usually, we can get an outfit change and a variety of images of the kids on their own and some family ones too.

You will receive 10 images as part of your package with approx 20-25 in your edited gallery.  Extra images are discounted from my main pricing.

Slots are available after school and some during the school holidays.

Top-up Mini Package

  • Up to 30 minutes of studio time
  • 10 images via digital download
  • family, sibling and individual images taken
  • Approx 25 images in the gallery
  • Discount on extra images (full upgrade costs £50)

COST: £125 for shoot + 10 images

Great for an annual update of photos  – near Christmas, birthdays etc – these will replace all my mini shoots which sadly haven’t been as successful as previous years.

Please note these are not suitable if you have a baby in the family – please book a newborn, baby or cake smash shoot if your youngest is 13 months and under.

pregnant with twins

36 weeks Pregnant with twins - the calm before the storm

36 weeks Pregnant with twins - the calm before the storm

36 weeks pregnant with twins – the calm before the storm

I’m now in my last week of pregnancy. To be honest, I’m a little surprised they’re still cooking given 3 in 5 twins are born before 37 weeks. But that means I am huge, and day by day as the babies get bigger I feel I’m slowing down more and more and my feet are getting so swollen I’m down to living in some ‘slider’ sandals. As I get nearer to 37 weeks I know that actually, these boys could come anytime- which is really unnerving and makes me feel anxious. I’m just praying that they sit tight until my planned c-section! (Guidance is that twins are delivered at 37-38 weeks).


Up until this week, the last few weeks feel like they have gone quite slowly with the end in sight but still weeks away. I had a scan at 32 weeks where both babies were growing well and were 4lb 9 and 4lb 3. They had grown to 6lb 6 and 5lb 9 come my 36 week scan! Whilst it’s lovely to see them on the screen, it’s not a pleasant experience as I feel quite faint lying on my back for so long given all the weight. The sonographers have been great though and allowed me to move to my side during the scans. Twin 1 has always been head down with his head now so low down that it’s uncomfortable when I walk and move. Whilst twin 2 has moved from transverse to breech with his head high in my ribs. The consultant has been pleased with how everything has been progressing which has been such a relief and blessing as I know not all twin pregnancy journeys are smooth.


I’ve felt really anxious having to wait and not knowing when my c-section date would be. Particularly as I’m the type of person who likes to have everything planned. Come 35 weeks I still hadn’t received a date so I called up and was told the date. However, eventually finding out made it all suddenly become so real. The twin pregnancy was a massive shock when we found out back in November and although I’ve had these last 5 months or so to process it and think about how life will be with 4 kids and how we’d manage with twins etc, it’s still felt a little surreal and I guess I’ve not had to face the challenge head on yet. But now we have a date when everything will change feels quite overwhelming.


I finished work at 32.5 weeks which was timely as my brain was becoming so foggy. As with my previous pregnancies that gave me around 3 weeks before the twins are due to arrive to enjoy some time to get jobs done, have some me-time etc. Oh how wrong I was! The start of my maternity leave coincided with the school Easter holidays and although my parents had arrived to stay nearby as the holidays began (the start of their 3 month stay to help us out), they both came down with covid within a few days of their arrival. As such there were many a home day trying to entertain the boys as I couldn’t take them out due to my limited walking capability. Even with help available now, I find it so hard to sit down and rest, there are always things that need doing, the boys always want something, I really struggle to ask for help because I don’t want to put other people out or burden them and often it’s just easier if I do things myself. I’m trying though to rest and ask for help more even though it doesn’t come easy. I know I’m going to have to get over the reluctance to ask for help once the twins have arrived because I won’t be able to do everything after the c-section.


The other difference between my singleton and twin maternity leave so far is that this time round although I finished work much earlier because I am so much bigger my ability to do things is hugely inhibited. I’m pretty sure I was down on my hands and knees cleaning and sorting previously. Now it’s a struggle just going up and down the stairs!

pregnant with twins



Even though life is already crazy with a 7 year old and a 4 year old, I have been trying to enjoy the relative calm of these last few weeks before the storm comes when we bring the twins home and life is even crazier. Amid everything else, we’ve been getting things prepared at home for the twins including rearranging our bedroom to make space for the crib and then cot that they’ll share, re-painting what will be the twin’s room and getting their carpet and the carpet on the landing and stairs replaced (which desperately needed doing) to make home feel a little more cosy given how much more time I’ll be spending at home. Obviously there’s also been lots of washing (more washing!!) to wash all the baby clothes and bedding.


The end of this pregnancy is nigh and this last week has been filled with appointments- midwife, scan, PCR test and pre-op and anxiety is huge right now. A c-section will be completely different to the births I had for my singleton boys and knowing how hard the first few days/ weeks have been previously with feeding etc I’m not exactly looking forward to it. I am super excited about meeting the twins though, I feel they already have their different characteristics from their movements in the womb and I’m really curious to see what they’ll look like and if they’re identical or not. I certainly never expected to have a blonde haired blue eyed son with our second, especially as I have such dark features, so I really don’t know what to expect this time.


I look forward to sharing the birth story and next chapter of our twin journey with you in the next blog.


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Older baby and family photography sessions with me

Older baby and family photography sessions with me

Older baby and family photography sessions with me

It has been a while since I blogged, so it felt like a good time for a refresher, I’m Jess, a Norwich based family and baby photographer. I’ve been capturing newborns and families for many years. I work from my home studio which is a sanctuary of calm compared to my adjoining house where I live with my husband, 2 children and Groot our beautiful doggy!

baby and family

Covid, it robbed us all of so much didn’t it?

For me, it has impacted not only my business in the obvious way but also the opportunity for so many parents to capture their babies and create lasting memories through my photography. Each booking that had to be cancelled was devastating back then, but it got me to thinking about how we shouldn’t just focus on newborn photography but embrace the wonderful bits that come after that.

Let me tell you why capturing milestones across the full first year of life is just as important and exciting as photographing a newborn.

Older babies, and older babies with family sessions are beyond delicious.

They may not feature the same baby wrinkles, or the sleepy squishiness of a new born photography session, but oh my, they capture so much more… as babies get older and start to show us their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their expressions, their body language and more it’s a wonderful time to capture milestones in a way you may have never thought too.

baby and family

Anyone coming to a photography session at my studio in Norwich; with older babies can opt to have a family session (yes mums, get in the pictures… you wont believe how much time you spend behind the camera as they grow up.) and I offer a variety of options from ‘older babies’ 6-9 months, to baby and family shoot which range from 4 months to toddlerhood.

As someone with a family myself and being highly trained and experienced, I want you to trust that I am intuitive with your session and won’t rush or push in any way.

baby and family

I know that Covid has brought about a generation of potentially less outgoing babies and toddlers, of children who haven’t had the opportunity to engage socially as they would pre 2020 and that’s why the first and most important thing to day is that everything we do at my photography studio is led by you and your child/ren.

We take our time, we relax, we have fun with it… gentle placing and posing comes first and if that’s not ok with them then we stop, we eat snacks, I encourage family hugs (not with me of course!) and we try only when everyone is feeling relaxed.

baby and family photos

The very best thing about this age, is you may have a child who is sitting up! Making this a wonderful age to photograph, capturing cheeky smiles, and from my experience little ones at this age have a real desire to interact, showing off all their newly learnt skills.


It’s always I important to me that you know about my training and experience, too often you hear about people simply ‘becoming’ baby photographers without taking the time to equip themselves with the skills required. From my perspective, this is an ongoing education and I will never not be learning in my industry.

baby and family

When it comes to any of my shoots, its about your child, not props, I want to celebrate older babies in all their uniqueness and for that I don’t need tutus and baskets, simply a simple blanket and a family (if you are having a group shot)

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

baby and family

To book your photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.


If you’re looking for a NewbornMaternityCake Smash or Family Photographer.


Then find out more by clicking the button below or visit my Instagram account to see some examples of recent work.


Love, Jess x

pregnancy and covid

Pregnancy & covid - 28 week blog

Pregnancy & covid – 28 week blog

Pregnancy & covid – 28 week blog

There were a tough few weeks between 24 and 28 weeks. My husband was unwell for a few weeks. Which meant it was quite full on pretty much looking after our two boys solo whilst lacking energy and ease of mobility myself.


Then covid hit the house! My 6.5yr old son tested positive on the Saturday but only had very mild symptoms, then hubby became positive on the Monday and was totally wiped out with it.


I tested positive on the Wednesday! I won’t lie- I was a little worried how this might transpire with being pregnant etc. The midwives were great. I called them the day I became positive and they reassured me that I’d done the best thing already by having the vaccines and that they’d put me on their virtual covid ward.


This is where a midwife would call me each day to check on me and they’d send me an oximeter. Fortunately, I had nothing more than cold symptoms (which seemed to linger for weeks!!), because I didn’t actually get a call until a week later! Chocolate deliveries from friends helped sweeten our family isolation, for which we were very grateful.

pregnancy and covid

My 28 week scan showed both twins were growing well with no concerns. Twin 2 is proving to be much more active than Twin 1, as Twin 1 has remained head down but Twin 2 is constantly shuffling around- even during the scan!

 Twin 1 was 2lb 13 and Twin 2 2lb 15, so still very similar sizes. I also had another midwife appointment at 28 weeks with the usual obs and blood test. It was nigh impossible for them to figure out how they were positioned then but always reassuring to hear their heartbeats. The twins had slightly different heart rates meaning they could tell them apart.

 I’ve found this stage in pregnancy tough in that, particularly with twins, my bump is getting so big already.

 And what I can do and how much I can do gets more limited by the day and I’ve still got weeks to go! It’s very much like a limbo stage of waiting.

 Then alongside that is the mum guilt I have of not being on top mummy form for my boys. Not being able to take them out and about as I would normally. I physically can’t walk that far or keep up with them or be on my feet for so long.

 Despite all the mummy guilt I have at the moment, both boys have been great and not moaned an ounce about it.

pregnancy and covid

Third time pregnancy is also so much harder because there is so much more to be done than first time pregnancy.

 I have to be so much more active with the school runs and making sure two little people (not quite so little anymore) are ready for school/nursery and bedtime etc- life never stops even when you’re pregnant with twins!

 A real treat of the last 4 weeks was having a maternity photo shoot with Jess! Now I’m not one for being centre of attention or posing for photos but Jess made it so relaxed and a lovely experience!

 I’d not had a maternity shoot before, but I would definitely highly recommend one. Jess particularly has such a talent for the natural simplistic elegant style. The photos will be definitely be treasured.


Another highlight over these last few weeks was the baby shower that an amazing friend arranged for me. Like I said I’m not one to be centre of attention, so it was a lovely low key afternoon tea style baby shower surrounded by friends. I was totally overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity too, not just in new gifts but with everything that people have passed onto us. We have truly been blessed.


Only 9 weeks left to go!


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Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich.

Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Those first few weeks, whether you are a first time parent or you have done it all before… No one prepares you for the whirlwind of emotions, the tiredness, the overwhelm of being responsible for such a tiny person.

Yet, it is undoubtedly, for most, a magic like no other.

The smell of a newborn baby head, those first little raises of the lips as they express their needs… the wrinkles in their feet… while those details invariably pass by in the blink of an eye my simplicity package aims to capture those moments for a lifetime. I can’t capture the smells, but I can capture those emotions and every small detail you won’t want to forget.

simplicity newborn

My simplicity newborn package has become my most popular

This photography package is aimed at babies from 5 days old to 8 weeks old and the session lasts an hour; allowing parents the relief of not worrying about a longer time in the studio, but equally, there’s no pressure if we have to spend some time making sure everyone is relaxed and importantly enjoying their time with me. The package includes all edited images approx 40 images to print as you wish.  Family and sibling images are always encouraged and this isn’t an add-on its included in the package at no extra cost. I’m a firm believer in the whole family being involved.

“Jess was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute of our photo session today. She made us all feel very relaxed. She is amazing at how she works with newborns and toddlers and how she gets the photos just right. I would highly recommend Jess. 10 out of 10” 

simplify newborn

Relaxed approach and baby-led

My aim, always, is to ensure your experience of a newborn photography session is enjoyable. From my home photography studio in beautiful Norwich, I have created a little oasis of calm, equipped with everything you need to not only get your family photos but to deal with anything that happens within your allotted time – from absolutely normal baby melt downs or nappy explosions (I am well stocked with nappies!) As a mum myself, I’ve been there, done that and nothing embarrasses me or is too much for me to support you with!

A little bit about me (after all, you need to trust me with you and your precious baby)

I’m Jess, a long time established baby and newborn photographer in Norwich. My goal is to capture the story of your family – in fact you can read lots of nice things families have said about me in the past HERE.

My simplicity newborn packages are always popular, for which I am very grateful and I think it’s because I ensure the time length doesn’t feel overwhelming, it’s because I keep everything simple and most importantly, everything I do is led by you and your baby. Examples of my images can be found here.

My motto? Pure, simple, timeless.

Trained and a bit of baby whisperer

I’m trained to safely pose babies, investing lots of time and money to ensure I was confident in doing things correctly. Now I have over 10 years of experience working with babies and children,

I’m intuitive enough to know when to stop and encourage some cuddles and we don’t rely on babies being ‘good’. What I mean by this is that every moment is good, and I photograph it all – awake, asleep, sneezes, bottom lip pouts etc!

I encourage everyone to take part in the session (of course those who want to participate) and I’ll lead you, so no need to be camera shy! The focus is always those wonderful cuddles rather than cheesy smiles at the camera – I’d rather focus on snuggles and the affection that naturally radiates off a family.

Simplicity is implied and is true, no-frills, huge props, in my studio… a simple white baby vest is enough, this is about comfort and no baby (in my opinion) will ever be more gorgeous than when it is just them and maybe a neutral blanket. If you have a sentimental teddy or keepsake, then of course bring them along and we will incorporate them.

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

To book your photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.


If you’re looking for a NewbornMaternityCake Smash or Family Photographer.


Then find out more by clicking the button below or visiting my Instagram account to see some examples of recent work.

Love, Jess x

24 week scan

24 week scan and twin blog

24 week scan and twin blog


24 week scan and twin blog

One of the best things about having a twin pregnancy so far is that I get to see the twins every 4 weeks at scans. In a singleton pregnancy it’s a long time to go from 20 weeks to then seeing baby in the flesh!

At my 24 week scan both boys were weighing (according to their measurements) 1lb 13oz with just 16g (a chunk of chocolate) between them. It was a relief to know that all was well, but very much dreading the later weeks of pregnancy and how big I’ll end up being.

24 week scan

At the moment I go home after my scans and log in for my virtual consultant appointments. With everything being straightforward so far, these have been very short. One thing I’m having to consider though is delivery. I was so fortunate with my first two pregnancies to have natural deliveries in the maternity led birthing unit without any pain relief or complications etc. I know though with there being twins this time that it’s not going to be so straightforward! Everything about natural delivery with twins terrifies me, from the epidural (which they prefer to do with twins), and possibilities of induction, assisted delivery/ intervention to the delivery of one and then needing an emergency c-section for the second. Although I know there are also risks with a c-section and the recovery is often longer it terrifies me a little less and I feel it will be a more controlled environment. But then I also know I might not have any choice about how these boys need to come out!


Pelvic pain

In my previous blog I mentioned about pelvic pain which I’ve been struggling with since about 17 weeks. It’s specifically pain in my pubic bone and I had this with in my second pregnancy and received physio for it, but this time it has started much sooner. It basically feels like constant pressure on my pubic bone and hurts when I walk, when I sit for too long, when I’m standing for too long, lifting my legs, lying in bed etc. I had my first physio appointment over the phone at 23 weeks, which despite initial hesitations as to how that would work, let alone help, it was actually really helpful. We had a long call whereby she asked me lots of questions and got me to do different movements to try and ascertain what was going on and what might help. She gave me some really useful tips and advice as well as some exercises I can do to try and strengthen the muscles supporting the pelvis. I was sent a huge tubigrip support band to wear whilst out and about to help lighten the load. It’s something I know won’t get significantly better whilst pregnant, but at least this will hopefully help prevent it from getting much worse. It will only improve once the twins have arrived so in the meantime I’ve got to hold on in there! The next appointment will hopefully be in-person, covid permitting.

24 week scan

Over these last few weeks I’ve been meeting other twin mums which has really helped me to mentally prepare and I’m fortunate to know a couple of twin mummies. Hearing their experiences and tips and advice has helped to make things feel a little less daunting. Although I’ve still found it overwhelming at times with everything that will be coming our way. I’ve also found it helpful speaking with other mummies that have had c-sections and about their birth stories and recoveries. It honestly feels like I’m a first time mum again! Everything is so different this time round.

Maternity leave

Even though maternity leave is still some time away, our thoughts and planning have already turned to childcare. I’ve been really surprised and disappointed by the lack of financial childcare support available for parents of multiples. It’s not as though we choose to have more than one child at a time and given the huge cost of childcare for one child let alone two, it gives some couples little choice other than not to return to work. Knowing two places are harder to secure than one and weighing up the financial cost of nursery, child minders and whether it’s even financially feasible to return to work at all has been playing on our minds since we found out we were having twins. Also this time round we don’t have family helping with childcare as we have in the past which raises the cost more. So much to consider! We’ve put plans in place over these last few weeks and fortunately work still seems to be feasible and we have a few childcare options available. Things will definitely be tight until their three-year funding comes in though!

24 week scan

13 weeks now left to go (unless they decide to come early) and hoping I can last until 33 weeks working so I can make the most of maternity leave with the twins.


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20 week scan

The twin pregnancy journey- 20 week scan

The twin pregnancy journey- 20 week scan


After our 12 week scan, I literally felt as though the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet. Life would never be the same again. It took me weeks to accept that I was pregnant with twins and I guess love the babies I was growing inside me. I was left just so hugely overwhelmed with everything. We now had a mountain of logistical things to sort out.

 We had literally got a new (5 seater car) the previous year but this was now obviously going to be useless. This was one of the first things we looked to sort out and we were, fortunately, able to get a 2nd-hand 7 seater fairly quickly, although it did mean compromising for an automatic but beggars can’t be choosers! I think this lifted a huge weight and stress for both of us knowing that we’d be able to go out in the car as a family.

The other big thing I was keen to get sorted was the twin buggy. I knew which one I wanted and a brand new one was out of the question, so, much to my husband’s annoyance, I was constantly checking market place. I soon managed to find the exact one with everything we needed for an absolute bargain! Stress was once again reduced and I felt so much better and more prepared having got the two big things sorted.


My 20 week scan was booked for between Christmas and New Year so with all the Christmas prep, shopping and various events and parties I didn’t have the brain capacity for any more twin logistics. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was more looking forward to- Christmas or seeing the twins again on the screen, finding out if they were ok and if we might potentially be having at least one girl.

20 week scan

Thankfully everything was fine on the 20 week scan and both twins were measuring and growing well with no concerns, which was a relief. Having hoped and prayed for at least one girl, we found out that we were having two more boys. I’ll be totally honest- I was a bit disappointed. I was also a little surprised as I hadn’t been getting the random nose bleeds I’d got with my previous two pregnancies or the heartburn (although saying that, I’m currently writing this with one of those random nose bleeds!). But hey, at least we have all the boys clothes and toys! It’s also more practical than having one of each as it would have made the bedroom situation tricky as they got older. But more to the point how were we going to come up with two more boys names when we already struggled with names for our youngest son!


It was a relief that things were going smoothly and that the consultant was also happy with everything so far. I was also feeling much better about it all having accepted this was our path in life. Although, having suffered pelvic girdle pain in my second pregnancy, it had started a lot earlier this time! Come 20 weeks I was already huge and limited in how far and fast I could walk due to pain in my pelvis, particularly my pubic bone. Time for a self-referral to the physio!




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Mummy and Me Norwich! Mini Photoshoots 2022

Mummy and Me Norwich! Mini Photoshoots 2022

I am happy to be bringing back my Mummy and Me mini shoots for 2022, at my home studio in Norwich.

As mums, we are often the ones capturing pictures of our families, we avoid being in the pictures.

If you’ve follow me a while you know one of my passions is getting parents to be in the photos – less judgment of ourselves and more being present.

It is time for us all to exist more in pictures. Not only for you but for your children and families to treasure forevermore.

This isn’t about buying new outfits and having to look perfect, this mini session is all about you and your child/children snuggling up to you and capturing you all just as you are.

This is also a really great way to celebrate Mother’s Day (early gift idea!) or treat yourself

What is a Mummy & me mini sessions?

These sessions are up to 20 minutes long* this is the perfect amount of time to capture some simple, natural and always beautiful portraits of you and your children.

Unlike a full-length photoshoot, this will be a simple set up with no outfit changes – I’ll advise you before the shoot on what works well outfit/dress wise.

Please be aware that mini sessions are suitable for babies 8 weeks old + upwards (not suitable for newborns due to feeding on demand and short time frame) but I have several packages for newborns that you can find HERE.

What does my package include?

  • 20 minutes in the studio (studio at Sprowston, Norwich, NR7)
  • 5 digital images via download to print as you wish (approx of 10 to select from)
  • siblings only (no cousins or friends)I can fit up to 3/4 pre-teen kids in my studio
  • £75 – £5 of your package fee will be donated to local charity The Hamlet Centre
  • (extra images can be purchased after at £5 each )


Saturday 19th February

Saturday 5th March

Terms and Conditions

  • The session is purely for Mum and siblings, no cousins or family images will be taken.  If more than one household attends your shoot will be declined.
  • The number of images is dependent on the little/s one on the day, but you can expect 10- 15 images in your online gallery as a rough guide.
  • Due to the time-limited nature of the session where a child may become shy or unwilling no guarantees are offered to provide a specified number.
  • You can purchase any extra images for £5 each. Images include print permission to print as you wish.
  • The images will be sent via a download link / gallery download
  • If your child becomes unwell or upset, we may reschedule at the photographer’s discretion.
  • Due to studio size, I ask that only parents can attend (max of 2 adults per time slot.) and max of 4 children under 16 due to studio size not age.

ready to book? follow this booking link to secure your slot now!

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!

Jess x

*If you would like longer in the studio with no time restraints, more outfit changes, different setups and props, and more images in your gallery to choose from, then you can book a full length shoot off my main pricelist, please get in touch with any questions you have about this.


12-week scan — the twin surprise GUEST BLOGGER

12-week scan — the twin surprise GUEST BLOGGER

Please welcome my new guest blogger Kate, she will be blogging throughout her pregnancy.

“Are there twins in the family?”, “… no”, “well there are now!”. These were the first words of the sonographer at our 12-week scan. I turned to my husband with tears in my eyes and said, “what are we going to do?”. Bearing in mind we already have two sons- a 6-year-old and 3-year-old and trying for a third wasn’t a decision we took lightly. My husband wanted a dog and I wanted to try for a third. We knew money would be a bit tighter this time around anyway and we didn’t expect any baby gear costs because we still had everything from when the boys were babies.


I immediately had so many thoughts and fears whooshing round my head. “How are we going to afford to raise twins? We’re going to need a new car. How will we cope in our 3-bed house- we certainly can’t afford to move to a bigger house? We’re going to have to get a new buggy, and double everything we already had”. It was just overwhelming! I also never in my wildest dreams wanted four children and was worried what our boys would say—what if they hated us for giving them siblings they didn’t want. I spent the rest of the scan just starring at the screen quietly sobbing and thinking this can’t be happening.

Twin bump

My bump was quite big quite early in the pregnancy, but I put this down to it being my third pregnancy or being further along than I realised because my periods were all out of kilter the few months prior to conceiving. I joked with my husband once “what if it’s twins?!”, not ever actually expecting it to happen!

With no twins in either of our families, it was never something we’d even considered as a risk. Prior to the scan, I was so worried in case they’d find something wrong with the baby or worse, no heartbeat, that I hadn’t thought to worry that there might be more than one in there!

Despite being pregnant before (which were fortunately very straightforward pregnancies and deliveries with midwife-led care), the twin pregnancy journey was becoming a whole new experience with regular 4 weekly scans (after my 20-week scan) and consultant-led care


The Surprise

The twin surprise put me in utter shock, and I was so emotional for the next few weeks with what seemed like a mountain of logistics in front of us to wade through and work out. Helpfully though the boys were super excited to hear about the twins and our eldest wasn’t the least bit worried or concerned about them potentially arriving near his birthday.


For several weeks I felt that this was punishment for being selfish about wanting another child. I felt awful about feeling so ungrateful for the twins knowing there are so many women who would love the opportunity to just have one little life growing inside them, let alone two. I then began to realise though, that twins is no punishment, but rather a blessing. There is a purpose for these two lives and a reason for them. And I am to embrace that, embrace them and embrace the whole twin journey and trust that we wouldn’t have been given the opportunity of being parents of twins, parents of four children, without the provision for it. Who knows, they could even be the ones to find the cure for cancer one day.


So, we will always be left wondering what life would be like had we have decided on a dog instead!

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best wishes