Welcome to my new mama and guest blogger Becky

I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to have these photos taken with Jess. With this being my second pregnancy I understand this time around how important it is to capture all these little moments to cherish forever, and something for our baby to look back on in years to come!

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, due on 30th April, I feel like the time really is flying by!

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Baby is now the size as a butternut squash at 38.6cm from head to heel! I feel like my bump is growing by the day, we have decided to keep the gender a surprise which we also done with our daughter who is now 2 years 4 months, it really is the best-kept secret!

Of course we have been playing guessing games as to what gender we think baby will be, as both my pregnancies have been very similar I really thought baby may be another girl, but after our 20 week scan and theories from the scan photo to go by I am now thinking they could be a boy!

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Our daughter Amelia is so excited to be a big sister, she loves babies so I am hoping she is going to adore her sibling just as much! Now my bump is getting bigger she is more aware, we told her as soon as we found out that she was going to be a big sister and there is a baby in mummy’s tummy so she has been aware the whole pregnancy, but I feel like now she can see the bump growing and feel baby move she is more aware and excited.


We haven’t had too much to buy this time around as we have kept a lot of our daughters things, as we didn’t find out the gender with either babies we have a lot of newborn essentials that are neutral, I’ve already started to wash and prepare some of the newborn clothes ready and feeling so emotional as it only feels like yesterday I was doing it all in my first pregnancy, and remembering our daughter in all the little clothes, it will be so special to put our next baby in them too!

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We have another scan booked at 32 weeks as when we went for our 20 week scan the sonographer wasn’t sure if my placenta was covering my cervix (I had no idea what this would mean) they explained we will need another scan at 32 weeks to check if it’s moved, if it has then all being well I will hopefully be able to deliver baby naturally, if the placenta is still covering the cervix then they said they will usually do another scan at 36 weeks to check again if it may have moved, if at this stage it hasn’t I will be booked in for a caesarean.


As I am writing this I feel like baby is having a party in my tummy! It really is the best feeling and we can’t wait to meet you little one!




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