7 months pregnant blog! 

Hello third trimester! Wow I can’t believe I am already saying I am 7 months pregnant in my third trimester! Although I have been extremely lucky to not suffer with any sickness throughout my pregnancy I can’t say it has been a total walk in the park! Especially having a toddler around this time too, it’s definitely been a totally different experience to my first pregnancy but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Amelia’s so excited to have a baby brother or sister and that just makes it all worth it!

7 months pregnant

I’m now at the stage where sleeping comfortably is becoming a real struggle as well as the frequent toilet trips throughout the night! I’m sure it’s your bodies way of preparing you for sleepless nights with a newborn! Although I’ve done it all before I’ve soon forgotten about all the struggles you are faced with during pregnancy and postpartum! So needless to say I’m feeling equally excited and anxious as the date is fast approaching!

I had my 28 week midwife appointment this week which went well, they talked about my birth plan which I find difficult because I have the approach of ‘just go with the flow’ as long as baby arrives safely and healthy that’s all that matters. I had the same approach in my first pregnancy and I was so lucky to have a really positive birth with Amelia. It’s true what people say, you soon forget about the pain! Especially once your baby is in your arms, there really is no feeling like it. As we have kept the gender a surprise it just makes it even more exciting and more reason to keep pushing through that pain (literally!!)

7 months pregnant

We still haven’t fully decided on a name for either gender yet, we have our favourites which we luckily both agree on, I feel like we’ll be picking the name out of a hat at this rate as we’re struggling to pick a particular one out of our favourites! Maybe once baby is here we’ll see which name suits them best!

7 months pregnant

I can’t help but feel a bit unprepared as the due date is quickly creeping up on us, I feel like I’ve done this before I can do it again, but I keep saying to my husband what if I forget everything and obviously I’m very aware every baby is different so it could be a totally different experience this time, in my first pregnancy I read all the books and blogs to try and help myself prepare and I’ve not done any of that this time! My husband keeps reassuring me it will be fine and my motherly instincts will soon kick in, which I know is true, but I think however many times you do it feeling slightly unprepared is very natural!

pregnant blogger

I feel like once the baby is here I will cope just like we did the first time, but just knowing how different it will be with having a toddler aswell, I find myself watching others with more than child and try to take on board how they do it, how they make it look so easy! But maybe once I’m in the midst of it it will become like second nature, I think it’s perfectly normal to have all these feelings and worries as the date creeps closer, as well as so much excitement knowing just how special it’s going to be!