7 months pregnant

Pregnancy & motherhood blogger - 7 months pregnant blog!

7 months pregnant blog! 

Hello third trimester! Wow I can’t believe I am already saying I am 7 months pregnant in my third trimester! Although I have been extremely lucky to not suffer with any sickness throughout my pregnancy I can’t say it has been a total walk in the park! Especially having a toddler around this time too, it’s definitely been a totally different experience to my first pregnancy but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Amelia’s so excited to have a baby brother or sister and that just makes it all worth it!

7 months pregnant

I’m now at the stage where sleeping comfortably is becoming a real struggle as well as the frequent toilet trips throughout the night! I’m sure it’s your bodies way of preparing you for sleepless nights with a newborn! Although I’ve done it all before I’ve soon forgotten about all the struggles you are faced with during pregnancy and postpartum! So needless to say I’m feeling equally excited and anxious as the date is fast approaching!

I had my 28 week midwife appointment this week which went well, they talked about my birth plan which I find difficult because I have the approach of ‘just go with the flow’ as long as baby arrives safely and healthy that’s all that matters. I had the same approach in my first pregnancy and I was so lucky to have a really positive birth with Amelia. It’s true what people say, you soon forget about the pain! Especially once your baby is in your arms, there really is no feeling like it. As we have kept the gender a surprise it just makes it even more exciting and more reason to keep pushing through that pain (literally!!)

7 months pregnant

We still haven’t fully decided on a name for either gender yet, we have our favourites which we luckily both agree on, I feel like we’ll be picking the name out of a hat at this rate as we’re struggling to pick a particular one out of our favourites! Maybe once baby is here we’ll see which name suits them best!

7 months pregnant

I can’t help but feel a bit unprepared as the due date is quickly creeping up on us, I feel like I’ve done this before I can do it again, but I keep saying to my husband what if I forget everything and obviously I’m very aware every baby is different so it could be a totally different experience this time, in my first pregnancy I read all the books and blogs to try and help myself prepare and I’ve not done any of that this time! My husband keeps reassuring me it will be fine and my motherly instincts will soon kick in, which I know is true, but I think however many times you do it feeling slightly unprepared is very natural!

pregnant blogger

I feel like once the baby is here I will cope just like we did the first time, but just knowing how different it will be with having a toddler aswell, I find myself watching others with more than child and try to take on board how they do it, how they make it look so easy! But maybe once I’m in the midst of it it will become like second nature, I think it’s perfectly normal to have all these feelings and worries as the date creeps closer, as well as so much excitement knowing just how special it’s going to be!



twin pregnancy

Guest blog - 32 weeks twin pregnancy

32 weeks twin pregnancy
We’ve reached another milestone  at 32 weeks! At times, the pregnancy has felt like it’s taken forever to get past the 32 week mark. I have been quite anxious to get to this date after our consultant said that if our twins decide to arrive early, the survival rate is much higher after 32 weeks! I can’t believe we only have 5 weeks until our twins will be here!
We recently had a visit from our assigned health visitor who came to our house,  I was initially apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She actually made my doubts and worries feel completely normal at this stage and  explained what support she will offer once the twins are here.
I declined a baby shower as I just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of celebrating before they were here safe and well. Instead, my best friend surprised me with a low key afternoon tea with a beautiful setting at the Norfolk Mead 🙂 and the twins were spoilt with loving gifts too. I couldn’t have got through the last few years without my best friends, I’m forever thankful for them.
32 week Consultant appointment
We sat in the waiting room and my nerves kicked in! This was now our final scan before our planned delivery date!
We had our scan to check that the placentas and cords were still doing their jobs and to check the position of both babies.
The Sonographer was surprised at how the twins were laying. Somehow, they both had their heads touching and were kind of curled up laying on top of one another, there was very limited space for movement now (This explained the discomfort I was getting). The twins both measured a whopping weight at 4lb each. Our appointment with the consultant went well. We discussed the birth plan and that a C-Section was the safest delivery method as the twins’ heads were interlocked and Twin 1 was still in a breech position, with very little room for this to change. I was relieved that the decision between a vaginal birth or a C-Section was decided for me as both options came with heightened risks being a twin pregnancy.
Preparing for our new arrivals
Everyone keeps asking whether I’ve packed my hospital bag! Well.. I’ve made a start on my own bag and the twins’ bag. It still hasn’t sunken in that our twins could arrive earlier than our planned date ( in my mind, I believe I still have plenty of time). It’s been tricky to know how much to pack for two babies and whether to pack tiny baby clothes or newborn. I now know I’ll be in hospital for a minimum of 2 nights, so I have packed with this in mind. I just used the NHS guidance on what to pack for myself, along with friends’ recommendations too. Ear plugs and an extra-long phone charger lead are at the top of the list!
The husband spent his much-needed week off work painting the nursery and putting together the cots and our flat-packed IKEA drawers that we personalised with little wooden cloud drawer handles. The nursery is finally coming together and it’s just perfect.
We have also come to the realisation that our hatchback car is too small for our soon-to-be family of six (including our two beloved dogs) so we have begun the search for a larger vehicle. We took our cumbersome pram and our car seats with us to check out the size of different SUV car boots. I didn’t realise this would become a mammoth task! We finally settled on a Toyota RAV4 as we felt the boot was a good size for both our pram and some room left for the shopping!
Our two dogs are totally oblivious to the huge life changes that are about to happen. We have begun to move our whole living room around to make some room for our changing table and travel cot. We have also added stair gates to ensure the dogs are not left unattended around the twins. So far, they’ve taken to the new living room layout well.
Physical symptoms
As I’m writing this, my twins are having a disco inside of me and it’s so clear that there is very little space left for them both. My bump has dropped somewhat and the weight is now affecting my aching lower limbs. I’ve been told the lack of sleep is preparing me for motherhood so I’m embracing it. I am so ready for our twins to arrive! I can’t wait to meet you both <3

32 weeks twin pregnancy

Keepsake photo session package

Keepsake photo session package

Keepsake photo session package

I have a new keepsake package for returning families – been in before?  This package is perfect for getting some updated family images.

This package is for those who know me, and have been in before and know the drill.

Families can still book the longer session if you feel you need an hour in the studio , and perhaps want time for more outfit changes and a larger gallery.

This new keepsake package is a great chance to get some updated images with a photograph you know and trust.

A short and sweet package to get some updated photos of your family without the pressure of a longer session.

(not applicable for 1st 2nd birthday cake smashes/ maternity/ woodland/newborn sessions these require longer studio time)

Perfect for annual photos, Christmas photos, school photos, and family images, you can even bring your dog.


Keepsake mini studio package

  • 20 minutes of studio time
  • 1 outfit change
  • family, sibling, and individual images taken
  • 5 images = £75 , all images = £125 (approx. 25 images)

If you want a little bit longer you can book a keepsake package of 30-minute studio time and 5 images = £85


Guest blog - twin pregnancy 28 weeks update

28weeks consultant appointment


Time is going so quickly! We have now entered the ‘third trimester’. The twins are growing well, both over 2lbs! Twin one has changed position and is now in a breech position and Twin two is still in a transverse position. There was quite a wait for the appointment with the consultant due to Junior Drs and a consultant strikes. I remember sitting in the antenatal waiting room thinking I’d been forgotten but we did get seen. I can’t fault the attitude and care the consultants show in the appointments. We are never rushed and they like us to ask questions. We discussed the future birth plan and a planned C-Section delivery was discussed. I have no strong feelings at this point about a vaginal delivery or a C-Section, I just want the twins to arrive safe and well.


Pelvic Girdle Pain


I am feeling so grateful that I’m going to be a twin Mum but I have been in some discomfort the last few weeks. I’ve been told that it’s common for symptoms to be stronger earlier as I am carrying two babies , sacs and two placentas! (I am so proud of my body and amazed at how a woman’s body can change to support the growing babies) I discussed with the midwife about the discomfort and sharp pains I’m getting when walking around and laying on my side in my pelvic area and she was really empathetic and signposted me to the Physiotherapist. I found the whole process of self- referring to the Physiotherapy team at the hospital well organised. The physiotherapist called me the same day my self-referral went in. She was lovely and instantly reassured me that it’s very common to have Pelvic Girdle Pain and it will be relieved once the babies are here. I was sent some physio exercises to strengthen my pelvic and hips and a face to face appointment to fit a support band. I have tried to wear the support band when I’m standing for prolonged times or when I go for a short walk. I am not sure it is reducing my discomfort at this stage.




I had this constant urge to get our house organised and ready for what was to come, our house was definitely not ‘baby proof’! I nagged the husband for us to rip out the bathroom and change the layout to give us more floor space. We changed our vanity units to smaller wall hung units which have given us some floor back and the illusion of more space. I totally underestimated the mess and how much labour work was involved when the husband spent two days ripping out wall tiles, plaster board, tiled flooring etc. What was meant to take a week took over four weeks due to allowing the fresh plaster to dry, a delay of shower panels and some poor workmanship. I am so relieved to say the bathroom has now been finished!


We also made a start on the nursery room, decluttering our spare rooms and painting the room ready for furniture. (I can’t believe I’m even getting to write this! I never thought I’d get to plan and decorate a nursery after so many years of infertility, it’s really helping me heal and putting the past events behind me). I also spent some of my Summer holidays clearing out unwanted clothes and all our kitchen cupboards to make room for all our baby equipment.

Car seat and pram shopping


We made a Nursery appointment at our local
John Lewis and took advantage of some discount. I totally recommend this as an option for any expectant parents. It completely took the stress away from researching too much and I would just get overwhelmed. The advisor was so patient, never pushed a sale and took the whole 90minutes to go through our own thoughts and options and gave us expert safety advice. Due to having twins, there was only a few pram options which helped narrow down our choices. However, there were many car seat model options, which was overwhelming. We were kindly gifted a free tea and cake voucher in their cafe to go away and think about things before we made a decision. Once we had clarity, we got to try the chosen car seats and pram in our car. We soon found out that we need a larger car! (Another job added to our list for later this year). We decided on the Twin Bugaboo Donkey 5, we liked the side by side option over the tandem and it was effortless to push around John Lewis store and the car park (it was amusing to say the least, i only bumped into a couple of clothing rails and breathed in as I pushed it through the sliding doors). We

Also settled on the new Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 Pro I-size car seat. It was a difficult decision to make due to being a more costly option to others. However, we decided that the safety of them was important for us, the ease of the 360 swivel and slide as there is two to get in and out of the car regularly. We also felt so fortunate to be in this position that we weren’t going go worry about the cost and affordability at this point. We got a good discount on other baby essentials too and delivery was by courier and very quick. We had a 5 star overall experience!

It wont be long before I’m photographing the twins eeek


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New pregnancy blogger - Fertility journey & first trimester

 Fertility journey & first trimester

I have a new pregnancy blogger.

Please have a read of her first blog, all about their Fertility journey & first trimester

First trimester.

About me
I always had a plan in the future to have a large family to replicate what I had growing up. I was one of four and a twin myself. Our family holidays were always adventurous.
I wanted to travel and get into teaching before I embarked on motherhood. I turned 30 and me and my husband got married after 10 years together. We knew then it was the right time to have a family. However, my ideal future plans didn’t turn out the way I had hoped.
Fertility journey
A couple of years passed of marriage bliss and long haul holidays and we knew it was time to see a Doctor as we couldn’t seem to fall pregnant. The GP was very understanding and immediately referred us to our local ivf clinic. The months turned into years but we are forever grateful for the amazing team we had around us.
A Positive pregnancy test 
We had our last two embryos transferred after our previous losses. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw another positive pregnancy test. This time, I have found it hard to get excited and plan family dreams for the future. I am forever much protecting my heart and taking each week and appointment as it comes. I have been experiencing extreme episodes of thirst, nausea and exhaustion but I am so grateful to be pregnant.
Scan day 
The time finally arrived for us to attend our ivf clinic for a vitality scan. With tears rolling down our faces, we were so shocked to hear that both our babies had heart beats and everything was going so well at just over 7 weeks. This was a special moment we will never forget.
Booking appointment 
At my 10 week booking appointment, I felt totally out of place. It didn’t feel real, like it was too early to plan the future of our twin pregnancy and I wasn’t far enough along to feel like I required a midwife. Thankfully, I had a lovely midwife who made me feel at ease straight away and it was clear that from here on, I was going to be well looked after with future scans and many health checks.


Sharing our precious news
Now we have passed those important first 12 weeks (after what felt like an eternity), we shared our news with close family and friends who are so excited for us. I do wish I could be as excited as them and at times feel guilty that I am so detached from my feelings right now.
I am told that’s completely normal after our previous experiences and the beginning of physical changes to my body will help me to relax. I am so grateful for the nausea, it reassures me that I’m still pregnant.
I am now looking forward to the next scan and meeting our consultant to hear more about a multiple pregnancy.

I have lots of guest bloggers from lots of mamas and businesses you can find them on my blog page


Magnificently Messy - motherhood guest blog

Magnificently Messy - motherhood guest blog

Magnificently Messy – motherhood guest blog

Magnificently Messy- That was a phrase that was mentioned in a motherhood writing class I took recently and whilst the course has ended, the phrase has stuck with me. Magnificently messy, the ultimate oxymoron. Still, it’s an oxymoron that perfectly sums up the past 9 months. So much mess. Laundry, nappy bins, living in what feels like a toy store, mountains of bottles to wash, a rug made of food under their high chair that ended anywhere other than their mouth…. so messy…. but so magnificent.

Arlo is now over 9 months old, the big 1 year birthday of our rainbow baby is within sight and I’m in disbelief. Another phrase which has come up is, the days are long but the months are short. I’m so thankful to be able to have Jess’s milestone photos of Arlo marking this first year, as it’s true when I say it feels like the past 9 months have felt like 9 minutes. Whilst I try and soak it all in; every morning smile, every goodnight kiss, every little laugh or sorrowful bottom lip… it’s hard to recall everything in such detail. Despite this, when I look at the photos of Arlo that Jess has taken, all that detail is there perfectly captured. The playful grin, the cheeky bottom lip, the warmth of our hugs; I cannot wait to look at these photos for years to come to remember those tiny but beautiful moments.


Now Arlo is 9 months, since my last blog we have started to wean him. This process was made slightly more difficult by finding out he had a Cow’s Milk Allergy but now we’re used to scanning ingredients and trying different recipes so it doesn’t seem that different to other babies weaning anymore. If Arlo could write a review of his weaning I feel it would go something like this:
Love (please feed me more):
  • Sweet Potato
  • Lentil Dahl’s
  • Grandad’s Toast
  • Banana
  • Anything with Blueberries in (but not the ones daddy makes – sorry daddy!)
Hate (Never feed me these or I will unleash my inner hulk):
  • Pears (I once mistook them for an Apple, I will never make that mistake again!)
  • Plums
  • Anything sour (why do people put themselves through that)


There are a lot of different approaches and ways you’ll hear people talk about weaning. What’s right, what’s wrong, what their baby took too and what they never wanted to do. Apart from medical advice (check NHS website they have advice on weaning), it’s important to remember each baby is different. What works for one baby won’t neccesarily work for another. We found a mixed approach of puree and baby led weaning worked for Arlo. We began weaning when Arlo was able to sit up by himself, then one by one began to introduce allergens, giving enough time in between each one to see if there is a reaction. During these past few months, the most beneficial items to Arlo’s weaning journey we’ve found have been:
  • Full upper body bibs (we prefer long sleeves; it makes the clean up much easier)
  • Having two spoons for each meal. Having two spoons, allows Arlo to hold a spoon and feed himself while we could fill the other with food ready to swap.
  • Food steamer & processer, we use Tommee Tippee one to make our own food at home for Arlo.
  • Feeding spoons that change colour when the food is too hot. (This just gives a bit of extra reassurance, especially during those initial tries where you may be nervous).
Another important milestone we’ve reached in the past few months since the last blog is – crawling! Arlo’s world just got a little bigger (or a lot bigger depending on how much energy he has that day). I’d be being dishonest If I didn’t discuss the concerns I had with milestones, that new mum worry of ‘when do they start doing this?’ and ‘Am i doing enough to help them?’. There’s been many google searches, videos watched and reassurance asked and they all come to the same conclusion – every baby is different. One may talk before they crawl, another may crawl before they talk. If every baby was the same, where’s the magnificent messiness in that?
I look forward to blogging the rest of Arlo’s first year and what it’s like to have a one year old!
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My new pregnancy blogger is ...

My new pregnancy blogger is …


My new pregnancy blogger is … Cristi aka Keep Wild Kid .

She has previously blogged for me before, with her pregnancy with Theo. I’m so pleased to welcome her back.

20 week blog

The female body will never cease to amaze me. The way it grows adapts and transforms ~ it quite literally blooms, all to accommodate a tiny little life developing inside. My body is definitely changing and now that we have made it to the ‘half way’ point I am noticing more subtle changes such as increased energy levels, soft blonde hairs glistening on my tummy and increased hunger! Those sweet little flutters inside my tummy have been getting stronger each week, it’s such a joy to feel and a great way to involve my two children in this pregnancy.


We have finally told friends and family that we are expecting another little wildling in Autumn. I can’t believe we made it half-way before telling everyone, it wasn’t really planned that way – I just enjoyed going with the flow this time and it felt really good to enjoy the journey at our own pace. I also look and feel very pregnant now, my walking gait has developed into a slightly laid back waddle and can I no longer use my core to get up!

This will be my third baby. My two children (2yr old boy and 5yr old girl) are very excited to meet their baby brother or sister. We have tried to explain the baby will come just before the pumpkins are pulled up from the ground for Halloween.

This pregnancy is very different from my previous pregnancies because we are choosing not to find out the gender this time. I can’t wait to find out if we have a little son-shine or star-girl on the day we greet them earth-side.

As mentioned in my previous blog I have been journaling consistently each week. It’s been such a cathartic process and a beautiful way to document our journey together. I have also started to get a few things ready for when baby #3 arrives in autumn. Pre-loved sale sites have been really helpful and third time around I know I only really need the basics (cloth nappies, Moses basket, bed-nest/next to me cot for co-sleeping and sweet little sleep suits that I managed to pick up 30 for £13!)

It all feels very real now. The weeks are rushing by at such a pace, I wish I could slow the time down and enjoy it all for a little while longer. I am so grateful for this pregnancy, I never take it for granted. I feel very blessed to be carrying this little life inside my womb ~ I am also learning a lot about myself as we continue to grow together.

Check back soon for another blog from Cristi. you can read my other blogs here.

New photography package - for returning clients

New photography package - for returning clients Keepsake mini session

New photography package – for returning clients


It is always lovely to have families come back. As babies turn into toddlers/children I know you don’t necessarily want an hour-long shoot.

This new package is a short and sweet session for those wanting a studio session but without trying to keep kids still for too long.

This new package includes up to 25 minutes of studio time, meaning if we get all we need in 20 minutes you don’t need to hang around.

Usually, we can get an outfit change and a variety of images of the kids on their own and some family ones too.

You will receive 5 images as part of your package with approx 20-25 in your edited gallery.  Extra images are discounted from my main pricing.

Slots are available after school and some during the school holidays.


Keepsake mini studio session for returning families with older children – a great way to update your family portraits

  • 20 minutes of studio time
  • 1 outfit change
  • family, sibling, and individual images taken
  • 5 images = £75 , all images = £125 (approx. 25 images)

Great for an annual update of photos  (can be mixed with school/Christmas images too)

Please note these are not suitable if you have a young baby in the family – please book a newborn, baby or birthday session shoot if your youngest is 13 months and under.

If you want a little bit longer you can book a keep sake package of 30-minute studio time and 5 images = £85

To book in and see my online diary get in touch here.

Mummy and Me Norwich! Mini Photoshoots 2024

Mummy and Me Norwich! Mini Photoshoots 

I am happy to be bringing back my Mummy and Me mini shoots at my home studio in Norwich.

As mums, we are often the ones capturing pictures of our families, we avoid being in the pictures.

If you’ve follow me a while you know one of my passions is getting parents to be in the photos – less judgment of ourselves and more being present.

It is time for us all to exist more in pictures. Not only for you but for your children and families to treasure forevermore.

This isn’t about buying new outfits and having to look perfect, this mini session is all about you and your child/children snuggling up to you and capturing you all just as you are.

This is also a really great way to celebrate Motherhood and  Mother’s Day (early gift idea!) or treat yourself

What is a Mummy & me mini sessions?

These sessions are 15 minutes long this is the perfect amount of time to capture some simple, natural and always beautiful portraits of you and your children.

Unlike a full-length photoshoot, this will be a simple set up with no outfit changes – I’ll advise you before the shoot on what works well outfit/dress wise.

Please be aware that mini sessions are suitable for babies 8 weeks old + upwards (not suitable for newborns due to feeding on demand and short time frame) but I have several packages for newborns that you can find HERE.

What does my package include?

  • 20 minutes in the studio (studio at Sprowston, Norwich, NR7)
  • 5 digital images via download to print as you wish (approx of 15 to select from)
  • siblings only
  • £85
  • (extra images can be purchased after at £5 each )

mummy and me


Saturday  24th February


Sunday 31st  March

Terms and Conditions

  • The session is purely for Mum and siblings, no cousins or family images will be taken.  If more than one household attends your shoot will be declined.
  • The number of images is dependent on the little/s one on the day, but you can expect 10- 15 images in your online gallery as a rough guide.
  • Due to the time-limited nature of the session where a child may become shy or unwilling no guarantees are offered to provide a specified number.
  • You can purchase any extra images for £5 each (full upgrade £45). Images include print permission to print as you wish.
  • The images will be sent via a download link / gallery download
  • If your child becomes unwell or upset, we may reschedule at the photographer’s discretion.
  • Due to studio size, I ask that only parents can attend (max of 2 adults per time slot.) and max of 4 children under 16 due to studio size not age.

ready to book? follow this booking link to secure your slot now!


I can’t wait to see you in the studio II adore running these Mummy and Me sessions in Norwich

Jess x

*If you would like longer in the studio with no time restraints, more outfit changes, different setups and props, and more images in your gallery to choose from, then you can book a full length shoot off my main pricelist, please get in touch with any questions you have about this.

Mummy and Me Norwich

Covid procedures at my baby studio

Preparing for re-opening my baby studio.

This a blog i wrote in lcodkown but some of the precautions are still in place and reviewed as and when rates rise etc.

The studio reopens (again) in April and I’ve had lovely feedback parents felt safe. I try and photograph 1 family a day sometimes 2 if super busy but ALWAYS with plenty of cleaning time and space in between.

From July  2022 I will not be wearing a mask unless parents would like me too, cleaning thoroughly and keeping a distance where possible as I work with a lot of new babies. 

Like I’ve always done, I do ask people not to attend if they have a cold, and will continue to ask people to postpone if they have any covid symptoms.

I will also continue to take lateral flow tests before sessions and rebook should ever feel poorly.

ISOLATING I will always try and rebook families should they need to isolate. If I need to isolate or have covid the families have the option to rebook or I will issue a refund **only if it is covid related* I try and be flexible and accommodating but I am only one person and have found navigating covid around the business / familyand the waves tricky at times. I have been so lucky that everyone has been such a support.  Please note I still do not work weekends.

The very nature of my work demands utmost respect and adhering to safety regulations so you can rest assured you will always find my studio clean has plenty of antibac to use, I don’t see lots of families in a day. 

I previously completed another WHO course on covid although I do not have staff these courses are always insightful and helpful.


Whilst closed I have been under taking courses ready for when I return to work

opening baby studio

So what does that mean?

My cosy baby studio is repeatedly washed down ( I have the best steamer mop )  and cleaned in between all shoots anyway but the studio has had a revamp. Fresh paint, Fresh fabrics and a fresh set of rules to ensure our safety.

I also used my time in the lockdowns to take some online courses to assure you I am 100% prepared for your safety with hygiene. These courses include a standard precaution hand hygiene achievements, my COVID-19 barbicide certificate and participation in a certificate for the infection prevention and control of coronavirus with the WHO. These were free and I can share the links. 


When you arrive at the studio I will be asking everyone to antibac hands thoroughly and remove shoes (this protects my backdrops too) Ideally, if we can limit to immediate family only – so no extended relations for the time being. I have plenty of anti-bac etc. Babies and children do not need masks. For, parents it is your choice – I will review this as and when rates change. 

Rest assured I will have a fresh uniform on for each individual booking and the studio will have been deep cleaned before your arrival. I use a minimum of props anyway, all wooden toys, fluffy rugs, get cleaned and never used more than once in a day. I cannot provide snacks and drinks I normally do (I’m so sorry I know a hot drink is meant to be part of the experience!) feel free to bring your own. 

I will be continuing to take later flow tests, if any of us show any of the symptoms we will isolate and shoots postponed if any health reason prevents the booking we can rearrange no problem. 

I know it all sounds very clinical and it isn’t normal, however with safety measures in place I can guarantee keeping you safe within my premises. 

Jess XX

opening baby studio