Pregnancy blog - I am now 34 weeks pregnant

March pregnancy blog

I am now 34 weeks pregnant which means I only have potentially 6 weeks left (maybe less,maybe more!)


Up until this point I’ve been feeling like I still have loads of time left, and its suddenly dawning on me that by the end of next month, baby could be here!

I think because I’m due on the last day of April, it still feels like a lot of time. I still have that whole month but I need to remind myself baby could potentially come any time from April 9th (when I’ll be 37 weeks,

eeekk!) although I’m feeling very excited for their arrival I still feel not completely ready just yet, but I’m starting to wonder if I ever will, until they are actually here? I feel like we still have a lot to do but at the same time I also feel quite organised and ready, such a strange feeling and so hard to explain! I think maybe because it’s fear of the unexpected of when they are going to be born and how different life is going to be it makes you feel anxious and unprepared, but I’m sure as soon as baby is here I’ll realise all the worrying was for nothing and everything will fall slowly into place, (hopefully!)

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My last day at work is 28th March, although I’m currently only working 2 days part time since having my daughter, I am looking forward to finishing and just having that extra time with Amelia, and getting all the last minute bits in place before baby’s arrival!

A lot of people say to me that I don’t look 34 weeks pregnant, I do feel like my bump is still quite small, especially in certain clothes, although when it was measured at my last midwife appointment it was measuring exactly where it should be for how far along I was.  I do feel I was the same with Amelia and we actually had to go for a growth scan as I was measuring small with her, then in the last few weeks it really popped out, and she actually weighed 8lbs 2oz when she was born which I feel for a first baby is a good weight.

I was full term, she came just 1 day after my due date, which I think is why I just expect things to happen similar  this time but I need to remember it can be a very different experience!


I am seeing my

midwife again this week so it will be interesting to see if I’m still measuring where we should


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We had a scan at 32 weeks, as at our 20 week scan the sonographer wasn’t sure if the placenta was covering my cervix so they advised to see us again at 32 weeks to check the position of it.

Thankfully it had moved so that was one less thing to worry about! And it’s always lovely to have those extra scans to check baby is doing well, all their measurements were where they should be and baby was weighing 4lbs!  Although they did confirm that baby was in breech position, they advised it wasn’t a major worry as still likely to turn at that stage.


I’ve been doing some exercises which help turn a breech baby just incase, currently on my birthing ball as I am writing this &; trying to sleep on my left side with my pregnancy pillow in between my legs (apparently this helps?!) but I do find myself waking up in the night in a totally different position.

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I have actually been sleeping a lot better in the last trimester I think at this stage you just get used to being uncomfortable in bed and sleep through it! Which I’m glad about as it’s definitely good to get in all the sleep you can before the newborn sleepless nights!


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