Guest blog - 16 weeks gender scan

Guest blog – 16 weeks gender scan

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Consultant appointment


At 13 and half weeks we met with our multiplies consultant to find out our journey ahead. Our consultant was very efficient, he had read my medical history in depth prior to our appointment, which put me straight at ease and reassured us we were in capable hands. There was a discussion about the screening tests and the likelihood of twins being born premature and a potential needs for a planned C-Section. This was overwhelming to hear as we were still getting our heads around a successful scan and I still wasn’t able to look too far ahead in the future just yet. The consultant also recommended the Twins Trust for advice and antenatal classes, which we have now joined. We will see the consultant again at our 20 weeks appointment.


16weeks midwife appointment


What I thought was going to be a short visit with just a few checks, became a couple of appointments being booked in urgently. I had some spotting early on in the week and so the midwife booked me in for a reassurance scan, I went to the EPAU the following day and thankfully both babies were very active and there was no reason for the spotting. Within the same week, I had the glucose screening test done at the hospital due to having sugar in my urine sample (I blame the fresh orange juice that morning). I had to fast from midnight and until I had done my second blood test of the day, my only concern was how I’d be able to drink this glucose sugary drink, considering I could only manage to keep ice cold water down. I’ve gone off all other drinks, they make me have a sour taste and make me gag. I managed to drink two cups of the glucose drink (what I can only describe as sugary gloop) it wasn’t pleasant. Thankfully, my results were back within 24 hours and it showed my levels to be stable.

Pregnancy symptoms


I am feeling less nauseous now and I can tolerate most smells. I have also started to want a flavoured drink and I have managed to taste a cup of tea without gagging.

I have noticed my energy is returning and I can stay awake for longer. I’ve had some painful cramps in my calves at night time and some mild lower back ache but I wouldn’t change these symptoms for the world, I’ve got what we’ve always wanted. I feel very blessed. I am now beginning to see my bump develop, along with some stretching pains in both sides of my pelvic area. Ive started to use Neil’s Yard Mothers Balm to help moisturise my growing bump. I highly recommend this, it’s fragrance free and other nasty chemicals. I’ve found it massages in nicely.

gender scan

Gender scan


It’s been a few weeks since we had our 12 week scan. We decided to book an additional private scan as we just felt the next scan at 20 weeks was so far away. The husband was keen to find out the gender of our twins, where I was more guarded and initially wasn’t sure if it was going to cause me more anxiety as I knew I’d be so much more invested. I knew all my feelings were psychological and actually finding out the gender would help us both bond with the babies more. We agreed and had a late evening appointment. I recall being told to close our eyes when the sonographer had a good look between the legs (we had a little giggle and fought hard to keep our eyes shut). We decided together that we would like to quietly open the envelopes at home. As we got back to the car with two green envelopes named twin 1 and twin 2, we both were yearning to open them while driving home! We literally got home and opened Twin 1 envelope first.. a girl! And then nervously opened up Twin 2.. a boy! I uncontrollably let out an ecstatic squeal (deep down, I think that’s what I wanted, one of each!). My husband, was punching the air with a huge grin on his face. We both feel so lucky.


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