Guest Blog 3-6 months of Oscar

Well, it’s time to reflect on the last 3 months which have seen Oscar reach 6 months old and he has changed so much. Watching his personality develop as he learns new skills has been wonderful. Oscar has learnt to sit by himself, & roll over, his beautiful smile lighting up the room & our lives. However, with learning these new skills comes sleep regressions, something I feel isn’t spoken about enough. Oscar went through his first sleep regression at around 3 & half months,  and this meant he was waking every 1-2 hours. They say that intense periods of learning affect baby’s sleep & I can certainly confirm that for Oscar, this was definitely the case.
I found sleep deprivation extremely difficult, both mentally & physically. Being able to talk to those closest to you, sharing your emotions, and explaining the mood swings that accompany sleep deprivation is so important. I would advise anyone that getting out of the house for a walk in the fresh air with your baby is an enormous help for both of you, and once Oscar had mastered his new skills, his sleep patterns improved, so things do return to some normality. Well almost.
As Oscar has reached 6 months we have begun to wean him, introducing him to porridge, I had been extremely nervous about this phase, but he absolutely loves his banana porridge, although this is an extremely messy job with porridge ending up everywhere so I would recommend getting long sleeve bibs to save us Mums washing too many messy clothes.
3-6 months of Oscar
The last 3 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions with lots of giggles and smiles outweighing the sleepness nights. Seeing your happy smiling baby grow is the best feeling in the world. Every day is a new adventure & I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring.
Guest Blog 3-6 months of Oscar