Pregnancy diaries part 5 –  guest blog 2017

First things first who said pregnant women can’t have fun? I decided to squeeze myself onto Jasmine’s new scuttle bug toy. Andy found it amusing when he saw me whizzing, well not quite, round the drive!


We’ve also been having a laugh about Couvade syndrome and that now he’s thinking he may have experienced Braxton hicks contractions too! #takingempathytoofar

Third trimester and my bump has definitely grown. Baby M has stepped up a gear and it feels like she’s doing interval training. As if growing and carrying a baby for 28 weeks isn’t tiring enough! At least we know she’s developing her muscles and will be super toned when she arrives into the world.

On the flip side of that my movements are snails pace and frequent trips to the toilet are becoming tedious, especially when there’s only a tiny trickle! I’ve also visited the physio for some advice about the pelvic girdle pain I’m getting. Nothing debilitating but wanted some reassurance that its not going to get progressively worse and interfere with birth or a previous prolapsed disc. The good news is it shouldn’t and I have some exercises to do plus a sexy little belly band to use if I need to!


I’ve also endured a remedial massage from Clare Corcoran  at Rowan House Health and Wellbeing  which has helped ease my aches and pains. Oh to be weightless, permanently floating in a pool.

And on that note I’m off swimming for some me time. I may even have a cheeky hot chocolate afterwards! #thejoysofpregnancy

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