Here is my birth story 2017


Darcey Willow Kamiya Mills, born 25 September 2017 at 11.23pm. Six weeks on and Darcey has settled into the Mills household amazingly well.

Looking back to just before she was born I can remember thinking I’m completely ready to meet her and all the sleep deprivation and nappy changes that would come with her. Oh how I’d forgotten what the reality of that wish was like!

That Monday had been busy. I’d already had a session of reflexology the Friday and again on the Monday morning after I’d been swimming. Plus I took Jasmine to a toddler dance group before rounding the day off with a pregnancy aqua class. It was here that things probably started but I just hadn’t picked up on the signs! When I got home Andy was waiting my arrival mainly because I was bringing pizza!

I felt a little uncomfortable so assumed the ‘all fours’ position and pop, my waters went. We were expecting a nice progressive birth so called my mum to let her know things were starting. We said we’d call in a couple of hours so she knew when to come and be with Jasmine. That was at 9pm and by 10pm mum arrived at which point my surges were intense and I could feel the head. I’d already relaxed in the bath and washed and dried my hair during surges. The tens machine was a saviour! I didn’t feel we could make it to the hospital but Andy was adamant we should go so I reluctantly moved to the car and positioned myself, all fours on the back seat. We parked at the hospital and had to stop three times to breath through the surges before getting to the midwife led unit. After which it felt like 10mins of breathing and Darcey was in my arms. Well it was slightly longer, I’d say about 45mins because she arrived at 11.32pm. All natural and just lovely. We eventually got home at 6am Tuesday morning at which point Jasmine had the surprise of a baby sister as well as her nanny being at home when she woke!

The birth itself was amazingly nice in a strange way! It went from minor discomfort to intense abdominal cramps in such a short space of time it was surreal and even more so was walking out of the hospital a few hours later with our lovely bundle of bubba.

Six weeks on and Darcey has settled into the Mills household amazingly well. Jasmine adores her and we’ve had such lovely support from our friends and family. A massive thanks to Jess for sharing my blog and the fab pictures she’s captured of the girls and I. Treasured family moments of such a precious time.


I hope you enjoyed Alison’s birth story , I have loved following her journey and reading her blogs – thank you Alison!


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