Introducing my new guest blogger and shes a first time mum, here is how the first trimester has gone !


The Ultimate Rollercoaster in the best way possible, who’d have thought all pregnancies could be so different, I’ve been very lucky to be sharing my exciting journey with my Bestie ‘kinda sista’.



I’m now 13 weeks pregnant with my first child and she is 5 weeks ahead with her first, we are both going to be a first time mum. After hearing of her bad morning sickness I had prepared for the worst and been lucky to come out the other side with no ‘actual’ sickness just feeling incredibly unwell.

It’s strange how the body works, one minute I feel so sick with chronic backache I’m not sure what to do with myself… the next second I’m so ravenous I’m stuffing my face with monster munch in an effort to cure my hanger pains. My husband knows only too well how hangry I can now get.

Finding out i was pregnant didn’t turn out quite how I had expected. I had downloaded the ‘Natural Cycles app’ (You MUST get this it’s the best thing I could have ever done). It tracks your personal menstrual cycle and ovulation days so you can decide to try or not to try for a baby using the thermometer along with the app.

I’d been using it for a couple of months with no luck then suddenly the app flashed up ‘Take a pregnancy test’ So I did, I’ve done a few before with no luck. So I wasn’t getting my hopes up. Then there it was ‘Pregnant 1-2 weeks’ my husband and I just stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

It’s obviously the news we have been waiting so long for, I’d dreamt of us crying with happiness but we just stared at each other in shock and I then got a nervous bellyache (not quite what I had expected). I then googled everything, sometimes it’s best not too as I’m now terrified of eating anything or doing anything just in case it’s harmful.




It makes you wonder how people had children so long ago, we have so many rules now, even basil and fennel are considered a no go! Who’d have thought it?! but I guess we now know so much more…

Seeing our baby for our 12 week scan was incredible I couldn’t help but let a few tears to run down my cheeks, how could something so small be so beautiful, tossing and turning and letting out some stretches, making us and the midwife laugh out loud, she said the baby moves more when I laugh as it can feel I’m happy and that’s a wonderful theory.

I bought 3 scan photos, one for us, one for each of our parents as a keepsake. We opted for the combined scan to check for everything, and I now have one hell of a bruise from my blood test… i don’t mind but i’d like the use of my arm again, but… this IS an excuse to get out of chores, maybe I’ll keep it up a little longer…



I’ve had the best 3 months full of ups and downs and everything in between, whilst messaging my best friend with ‘can we eat this’ or ‘What about if I do this’ and ‘OMG I’ve just discovered…’  laughing about our ever-expanding bellies, the human body is a wonderful thing, surprising you with how bloody clever it is. I’m so lucky to be sharing my story with so many happily pregnant beauties. Bring on November I’m more than ready to start an unbelievable adventure as a first time mum.

With Love Chelsea xoxo

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