Best Family Beach Days Out In Norfolk 2018

There is nothing better than packing up the car with the kid’s swimming costumes, pack of 12 fruit shoots and 500 swimming nappies ready for a day out at the beach.

But, we know as parents our little ones get fed up very quickly and you need to have a plan to keep you from that earth shattering meltdown, so here are the best family beach days out in Norfolk.

Old Hunstanton/ Hunstanton

This stunning stretch of beach runs from Old Hunstanton all the way to the new town. From experience Old Hunstanton Beach tends to be quieter so park up on the cliff top and while away a morning making sandcastles. When the hanger cries get a bit too much take a stroll into the new town and you will find an array of cafés, restaurants, amusements, bowling alleys, Hunstanton Sea Life Centre and a fun fair! It has everything to keep every member of the family happy and that is why it is one of the best family beach days out in Norfolk.

Wells Next to Sea

The little members of your family will be excited to see the boats in the harbour, and take the mini train down to the beach at Wells Next To Sea. There is a shop and café as you walk onto the beach which means you can stock up on drinks, snacks and the all important bucket and spade! Don’t forget to pop into the amusements and grab an ice cream on your way home from one of the best family beach days out in Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth

Bring back all of the nostalgia of your childhood and pass it onto the next generation with a family beach day out at Great Yarmouth. From the horse drawn carriages, donkeys on the beach, Pleasure Beach and the smell of freshly made doughnuts in the air you will find it hard to beat and don’t forget a ride on the snails!

Horsey Beach

For a slightly different take on the normal family beach day out take a boat trip out to Horsey and spend some time taking in their resident seal population basking in the sun. You can sail back to shore and enjoy all of the fun of the seaside with this family beach day out in Norfolk.

West Runton

Feeling a little adventurous, them head to West Runton and try out a spot of surfing, for those less than inclined to do so you can go for a paddle and enjoy the sandy beach.There are always life guards present, so you know everyone is in safe hands on your family beach day out in Norfolk.


This one really is an all round family pleaser, from a morning on the beach to a afternoon hike up to the lighthouse and perhaps an evening show you know there will be some sleepy heads in the car on your way home with this family beach day out in Norfolk.

Vicki Cockerill is a NICU/ CHD Mum of two boys, a freelance blogger and social media adviser, Co-Founder of #knackeredandNorwich social club and maternal mental health advocate.


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