28 Weeks pregnant my guest blogger is back! 2018


28 Weeks pregnant my guest blogger is back! Over to Chelsea.

The nursery is now pretty much complete! We had our larger second bedroom plastered silky smooth, painted in a soft light grey using Farrow and Ball and I’m very lucky to say my clever husband has hand painted a mural of the ‘original’ Winnie The Pooh.

The mural consists of a waving oak tree bristling in the ‘wind’ with Pooh flying up towards the honey bees nest whilst grasping a blue balloon. I’m in Love!! We haven’t gone completely Pooh crazy, just the odd touches whilst still keeping a neutral feel with grey and white star curtains, a white cloud ceiling light with beaded raindrops and grey and white cloud bedding.


The hardest essential we purchased was the baby monitor. We found this extremely difficult as there are so many on the market with mixed reviews, every item had 5* and 1* ratings. Eventually, we decided on the Motorola MBP44 Digital Audio and Video monitor, so good so far, let’s see if it lives up to expectations…


We went to a wedding recently and I forgot my wedding outfit…..!!! Baby brain to the max! Luckily I had a jumpsuit I was planning to wear the next day with me so I whipped that out and hopefully I rocked it for the day!?! Pregnancy gives you allowances and everyone’s nice to you, I had so many offers of drinks for that day, I was a cheap date with my soda water and elderflower cordial, 50p a drink! Bonus for them, bonus for me!

The day and night before I had Braxton Hicks, which became extremely painful so I rang the midwife in a panic who put me through to the labour ward. I was getting cramps every 10 minutes towards the end so I generally thought I could be in labour at 29 weeks. After a while, they finally cooled off and I started to relax, my little cherub is still bouncing around and was ready for the wedding antics to begin so we went to the ball!


Pregnancy hormones rattle inside your head, which makes you feel annoyed, irritated, upset and lovable all at the same time, I think my body is going through fight or flight mode protecting my baby’s surrounding area. I have no idea why though, our baby life is filled with joyous and caring family and friends who love them before they even know what love is.

Pregnancy is wonderful and strange all at the same time and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Onto the third TRIMESTER…

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