Skin care advice for Mums by Norfolk skin expert Louise Thomas-Minns- Guest blog 2017



Let me start by saying that I get it. I’m a working Mum & have all the associated guilt that comes when you take ANY time out for yourself! So I’m not being unrealistic when I write this post for you but it’s SO Important to take even just 3 minutes morning & night to care for your skin. I am blessed to have a supportive husband which has meant I have always taken this time out however difficult that has been & it reboots me as a person & a Mum.

As a skin therapist for the last 22 years I have treated thousands of faces & a lot of those are Mums. I’m always asked how can I care for my skin when I have limited time? So let me give you my 5 top tips for skin care as a busy Mum…

  1. It really doesn’t have to take that long! 3 minutes is my guide. 1 minute for cleansing, 1 minute for serums/eye products & 1 minute to massage, yes massage, your moisturiser in…& that’s it!
  2. If like me you get to the 4-7pm time, which any Mum knows can be the toughest time of the day, then get your routine done as soon as your little one/s are in bed rather than leaving it till after you’ve finished your chores/dinner time & are too shattered, wanting to just fall into bed. I even sometimes do mine when Maggie is in the bath, she likes to watch & join in.
  3. If you feel your time is limited then the most important time of the day is the evening for your routine. Make sure that if all else fails you do a double cleanse to take the day off & thoroughly cleanse the skin & get your moisturiser on.
  4. Get some mask therapy in by sleeping in your mask. Cleanse the skin & apply your mask of choice & leave it on until you wash it off in the morning. (NB This works best if it is a hydrating mask since leaving clay based masks on overnight can be too drawing.)
  5. Invest in a treatment serum! If you’re concerned with the signs of sleep deprivation showing then a serum will absorb deeper into the skin & have more active ingredients. Look for Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Retinol & Tazman pepper berry.



Louise Thomas-Minns is a Celebrity skin therapist & the founder of the U & your skin facial. Her signature skin care range; Louise Thomas Skin care, launches Spring 2018.

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