Pregnancy diaries – due date how to bring on labour? 2017

Week 39/40, and so due date / d-day passes by in the blink of an eye. No sign of labour just one big, solid bump sticking out of my tum threatening to be there for another week (that’s my prediction).


All celebrations in the Mills household have ceased. My baby shower being the last. I now am at a loss with no food prep, baking, setting up or washing up!

What’s left for me to do then? Beautify of course! Thanks to The Barns Beauty Rooms for my lovely lash extensions. At least my eyes will look reasonably with it after labour. Nails are next, although that’s a job for me which will probably involve having to paint Jasmine’s too in some shade of pink. Hair is tidy so just need to make sure I make the effort each day to avoid having to arrive at the birthing unit in a fluffy mess looking like Marg Simpson! Of course none of this matters in the slightest. The most important thing is that Baby M arrives safe and sound. I just need to be occupied because clearly I’m not with a 3 year old!

Packing and re-packing my hospital bag is ongoing. Mainly because the sweets need replenishing. Yes, I’ll own up to demolishing them the other day. I’m a sucker for fruity jelly sweets!

To counteract the sweet binges I have managed to keep swimming, although I think some of the staff are slightly nervous I’m going to pop when they’re on duty! I’ve also been to Spring gymnastics with Jasmine. Admittedly I tried bouncing a little on the trampoline but nothing occurred.

Batch cooking is done so we have a few meals ready in the freezer, although in my mind it’s not the end of the world as Andy does a mean chicken en-croute and part of me feels it’s his time to shine in the kitchen ;0) He may have other ideas though.

Back to the matter in hand. When is Baby Mills coming into the world on her due date ? and what natural methods can I try to bring on labour? This is what we’ve tried so far … Reflexology by the lovely Ursula Walker at The Alison Rostron Treatment Centre, followed by curry for dinner at 40 weeks, indoor fireworks 40+1 and a walk to the park at 40+2. Not a sausage of movement. Next on the list is pineapple and roast dinner (this is what I had before labour started with Jasmine) so watch this space!





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