Marsham Holistic Therapy Guest blog : Story Massage 2016


Hi I’m Leanne from Marsham Holistic Therapy and I am a Story Massage instructor here in Norfolk.

Story massage is a blend of 10 simple but effective massage moves blended with favourite stories and rhymes to promote creativity, fun, relaxation and family time. Suitable for all ages and abilities Story massage is extremely adaptable and there is no right or wrong way to blend the moves once you have learned them.


Story massage can bring the stories alive and aide with concentration while relaxing and promoting respect. It is a great calming tool that can be used with the whole family. Siblings and even grandparents love to get involved in sharing the massage and writing stories.


I trained in story massage to help my daughter who has ADD. Some of the many symptoms include lack of concentration, sleeplessness and anxiety. For us Story massage has created a way for us to help our daughter focus better and enable her to concentrate for longer periods of time. It has also strengthened her self confidence by giving her tools to express her self and learn about the world around her using stories that she has written herself or that we have written together. It’s also a great tool when we are out and about for battling boredom and anxiety which otherwise would have led to tantrums and upset. You can use Story Massage anywhere in the car, supermarket or at the park and it does not have to be confined to the back.


Top Tips


  • You can use the Massage anywhere why not try it waiting in line at the supermarket or while in the doctors surgery keeps children of all ages engaged and calm.
  • If your on the bus or in the car and can not get to your child’s back try Incy Wincy spider up their arm using the massage moves.


Marsham Holistic Therapy is all about promoting relaxation and family time. Another treatment that is suitable for the whole family is Indian Head Massage. A seated holistic treatment that is suitable  for adults and children of all abilities and ages. There are many benefits including stress relief, relaxation,sinus problems, aches and pains, sleeplessness. Indian Head Massage promotes a feeling of well being


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