Looking for the PERFECT Christmas Present? 2017


…. look no further! Your child’s OWN prints and drawings captured on handcrafted jewellery and gifts to cherish forever!



I am very excited that I have been given an exclusive 10% off code from Fingerprint Jewellery Norwich .

I adore my finger print heart necklace , it meas the world to me ! A while back , my Lila hid it in her toy kitchen , it took me weeks to find it ! Safe to say I keep it hidden high when not on me!

If you are sentimental and want some handcrafted and bespoke jewellery of your newborn,  kids drawings, fingers / hand prints or your pets paw prints there are lots of options.

What do they sell?

Beautiful, bespoke, quality, fine silver jewellery personalised with your little ones fingerprints, minature hand/foot prints, photos, drawings and messages. Suitable for Adult prints and messages too, so the perfect present for your loved ones for Christmas.


Fingerprints, handprints, footprints, drawings, kiss prints, handwritten messages, scan pictures and paw prints ALL done via post so location not an issue.


So the best bit use this code JESSW1  to get 10% off your order.


This will be recognised by both their  website/social media pages and pop up shops (if local to Norfolk)


You can see Kim and her team at the Norwich Market with their Keepsake POP up shop.

27 November – 3 December

Personalised jewellery from just £15. Your child’s OWN prints and drawings (not forgetting adults and pets!). Ranges for Men/Women and Children. Perfect Christmas presents they  guarantee they will LOVE. Lots of personalised very special gifts. Get help with prints/take away kits/try on/browse range/Special Offers/FREE Xmas craft activity to entertain the children whilst you shop!


Contact them at www.facebook.com/norwich1offmoments or www.1offjewellery.co.uk quoting JESSW1. For a 10 % discount.


Jess – happy shopping !