Top 5 Baby Friendly Cafés in Norwich, we all want to be able to get out of the house and survive the day with the kids. Whether it is to escape the four walls, socialise with an actual adult. All we want strong coffee and a baby friendly place that we feel comfortable in. One that caters to the poo-nami explosion that is bound to occur and contain the smalls with high chairs whilst we inhale cake. – oh how i miss those days!

To help you on your way i’ve have put together the top 5 baby friendly cafés in Norwich.

The Soft Play Café

Soft play and parenting go together like Mel and Sue. This baby friendly café in Norwich is one with a slight difference. Twinkle Toes Soft Play Baby Café has been designed with a small soft play area within in the café. Baby classes are help upstairs and there is a menu on offer to keep even the fussiest of eaters happy. Parents get to socialise with one another, so you could come away with a new mum bestie or two!

The ‘Wonderful Baby and Child’ Café

There is no better review for a baby friendly café in Norwich than from that of a parent. Cactus Café is cosy, breastfeeding friendly and has a small play area, that’s on top of the numerous glowing reviews from those who took their children there.

The Park Café

Eaton Park Café is a baby friendly in Norwich found in Eaton Park complete with baby changing facilities, highchairs and a breastfeeding friendly environment what more is there to want? Cake? Got that too, lots of coffee to warm up with? Of course! No more leafing through the bag for half eaten Organix!

The Famous Café

When asking about Norwich Cafés, there is one sure to be mentioned by everyone you ask. Café Britannia is a baby friendly in Norwich is famed for its family friendly write-ups and award-winning breakfast and afternoon teas. There is indoor and outdoor seating, so no problems with parking a pram or two and getting in the way. They have an early open and late close compared to most cafés which means when you have been up since 5 and ready for lunch at 7.30am after a long night you can pack up the baby and head straight there!





The Technically not a Café

I had to sneak this one in, as it is not a café per se, but it is very baby friendly. Giraffe Restaurant offers a kid’s menu, outdoor seating, colourful surroundings, activity packs for the kids as well as our favourite feature; kids eat free on Saturdays and Sundays. It really is a winner in our books!

From new born to toddlers I hope you enjoy trying out our recommendations for the top 5 baby friendly cafés in Norwich and if you have one to add i’d love your suggestions to share wit new mums and dads!

Also the AWESOME Norwich Mumbler has started Family-Friendly stickers . They are being awarded to businesses throughout Norwich and Norfolk  read more about it here.

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