New baby portraits 2016

Wow it’s been baby boom and I have loved capturing lots of new babies at my home studio in Norwich! I have also seen 2 previous newborn clients come back with their new addition.

Andy’s Mummy got in contact with me after a few friends and previous clients had recommend me which is ace – thank you ! He was such a chilled dude and we got some yummy awake portraits  he followed me around. baby newborn photographer Norwich Sprowston baby newborn photographer Norwich Sprowston

Here is baby Jacob,  he too was awake for a lot of his session and made great eye contact . But when he slept i could place his hands so we can see all his little fingers, the best of both worlds.

newborn photos Norwich Sprowston newborn photos Norwich Sprowston newborn photos Norwich Sprowston

Another baby boy, with loads of hair and the best expressions ! Henley was just over 3 weeks old & super chilled in the arms of his sisters!

newborn baby photographer Norwich newborn baby photographer Norwich

More siblings – they are one of my favourite portraits to capture !

Daisy also had lots of hair and a look at her lashes – just beautiful!

baby photographer Norwich (1)-2 baby photographer Norwich (3)-2

Little Charlie stole my heart – he smiled lots as he drifted off to sleep. I could watch babies dream all day long.  i love the flaky skin he had on his wrists it shows how brand new he is to the world.

booking baby portraits booking baby portraits


If you have stumbled across this blog,  you may not know much about ‘newborn photography’ or me . The newborn portraits are ideally taken in the first 2 weeks. Why ? Babies are still very sleepy and curled up , after 2 weeks newborns become vert alert and stretch out . This is still a lovely age to photograph but newborn photography focuses on those early days . I like to photograph their little button noses, flaky feet, milk spots & curled up legs.

My style is simple and natural,  i have a flow of poses i work through ensuring we capture every detail but of a baby, but if a baby doesnt like being on their front / back etc we move on . Often i wait,  while babies gradually wake up and stretch,  to get those more natural images , and i love a good swaddle to get those close ups of a baby’s cheeks.


If you have missed the first few weeks to book a photo-shoot, or would prefer a short and sweet session. With more focus on awake baby portraits then my Newborn Mini Package could be perfect for your family read more here please.


If you want to find out more about me please click here, I have written a helpful blog on choosing the right newborn photographer for you and have written some frequently asked questions.