The summer months are here (hurrah!) but not so much fun if you are pregnant, so here are 5 Ways To Keep Cool When Pregnant.

You begin to frequent supermarket freezer aisles a bit too much, you have the Dyson fan sitting in your Amazon basket and an unhealthy obsession with ice pops.

Have no fear we are here to help!

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Here are our top 5 ways to keep cool when pregnant whether you are at home or out and about.

Take A Swim

This is probably one of the easiest ways to keep cool when pregnant, whether it be in the sea, the local pool or my favourite chucking your toddler out of the paddling pool and occupying it despite is protests of ‘MUUUMMMMMM get out’, being in the water is great for keeping cool when pregnant and also good to reduce any swelling you may have too.

Stay Indoors

Remember when you saw the first glimpse of sun grabbed the tanning oil (okay the cooking oil from the cupboard) and your bikini and whiled away the afternoon worshipping the sun? Yes, summer is a very different story when your pregnant I am afraid. If you can try to avoid the midday Sun by keeping inside with your feet up and curtains closed to cool the room down. Well, it’s the perfect excuse to catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale at least and it will keep you cool when pregnant.

Water Spray

Never before will you look at a tiny plastic squirty bottle with as much love as when you’re pregnant and hot. Keeping a little spray bottle of water in your bag, or when at home in the fridge is a quick way to cool down when you are pregnant. You can also buy sprays that claim to cool you down as well. Try running your wrists under the cold tap, and wetting a flannel and placing it on the back of the neck too for a quick way to keep cool when pregnant.


What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just the gentle whirring of a fan in every single room of the house! Soon you will find that you will only suggest to meet in places with amazing air conditioning and buy lots of extension leads so you can buy more fans! Don’t forget to get a mini fan or two to carry with you to keep cool when your pregnant, and one for the hospital bag is an essential if your due to give birth in the hot summer months.

No Cold Showers

As much as your tempted to jump and have a cold shower, try to avoid it, being pregnant you’re running slightly hotter so to cool down you must do it gradually. Try a lukewarm shower or bath and put on some loose-fitting clothes. If all else fails, kick the toddler out the paddling pool again!

Are you currently heavily pregnant, or have been pregnant during summer?

We would love to hear how you kept cool when pregnant!


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Vicki aka NICU Mum.