Pregnancy & covid – 28 week blog

Pregnancy & covid – 28 week blog

There were a tough few weeks between 24 and 28 weeks. My husband was unwell for a few weeks. Which meant it was quite full on pretty much looking after our two boys solo whilst lacking energy and ease of mobility myself.


Then covid hit the house! My 6.5yr old son tested positive on the Saturday but only had very mild symptoms, then hubby became positive on the Monday and was totally wiped out with it.


I tested positive on the Wednesday! I won’t lie- I was a little worried how this might transpire with being pregnant etc. The midwives were great. I called them the day I became positive and they reassured me that I’d done the best thing already by having the vaccines and that they’d put me on their virtual covid ward.


This is where a midwife would call me each day to check on me and they’d send me an oximeter. Fortunately, I had nothing more than cold symptoms (which seemed to linger for weeks!!), because I didn’t actually get a call until a week later! Chocolate deliveries from friends helped sweeten our family isolation, for which we were very grateful.

pregnancy and covid

My 28 week scan showed both twins were growing well with no concerns. Twin 2 is proving to be much more active than Twin 1, as Twin 1 has remained head down but Twin 2 is constantly shuffling around- even during the scan!

 Twin 1 was 2lb 13 and Twin 2 2lb 15, so still very similar sizes. I also had another midwife appointment at 28 weeks with the usual obs and blood test. It was nigh impossible for them to figure out how they were positioned then but always reassuring to hear their heartbeats. The twins had slightly different heart rates meaning they could tell them apart.

 I’ve found this stage in pregnancy tough in that, particularly with twins, my bump is getting so big already.

 And what I can do and how much I can do gets more limited by the day and I’ve still got weeks to go! It’s very much like a limbo stage of waiting.

 Then alongside that is the mum guilt I have of not being on top mummy form for my boys. Not being able to take them out and about as I would normally. I physically can’t walk that far or keep up with them or be on my feet for so long.

 Despite all the mummy guilt I have at the moment, both boys have been great and not moaned an ounce about it.

pregnancy and covid

Third time pregnancy is also so much harder because there is so much more to be done than first time pregnancy.

 I have to be so much more active with the school runs and making sure two little people (not quite so little anymore) are ready for school/nursery and bedtime etc- life never stops even when you’re pregnant with twins!

 A real treat of the last 4 weeks was having a maternity photo shoot with Jess! Now I’m not one for being centre of attention or posing for photos but Jess made it so relaxed and a lovely experience!

 I’d not had a maternity shoot before, but I would definitely highly recommend one. Jess particularly has such a talent for the natural simplistic elegant style. The photos will be definitely be treasured.


Another highlight over these last few weeks was the baby shower that an amazing friend arranged for me. Like I said I’m not one to be centre of attention, so it was a lovely low key afternoon tea style baby shower surrounded by friends. I was totally overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity too, not just in new gifts but with everything that people have passed onto us. We have truly been blessed.


Only 9 weeks left to go!


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