Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Those first few weeks, whether you are a first time parent or you have done it all before… No one prepares you for the whirlwind of emotions, the tiredness, the overwhelm of being responsible for such a tiny person.

Yet, it is undoubtedly, for most, a magic like no other.

The smell of a newborn baby head, those first little raises of the lips as they express their needs… the wrinkles in their feet… while those details invariably pass by in the blink of an eye my simplicity package aims to capture those moments for a lifetime. I can’t capture the smells, but I can capture those emotions and every small detail you won’t want to forget.

simplicity newborn

My simplicity newborn package has become my most popular

This photography package is aimed at babies from 5 days old to 8 weeks old and the session lasts an hour; allowing parents the relief of not worrying about a longer time in the studio, but equally, there’s no pressure if we have to spend some time making sure everyone is relaxed and importantly enjoying their time with me. The package includes all edited images approx 40 images to print as you wish.  Family and sibling images are always encouraged and this isn’t an add-on its included in the package at no extra cost. I’m a firm believer in the whole family being involved.

“Jess was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute of our photo session today. She made us all feel very relaxed. She is amazing at how she works with newborns and toddlers and how she gets the photos just right. I would highly recommend Jess. 10 out of 10” 

simplify newborn

Relaxed approach and baby-led

My aim, always, is to ensure your experience of a newborn photography session is enjoyable. From my home photography studio in beautiful Norwich, I have created a little oasis of calm, equipped with everything you need to not only get your family photos but to deal with anything that happens within your allotted time – from absolutely normal baby melt downs or nappy explosions (I am well stocked with nappies!) As a mum myself, I’ve been there, done that and nothing embarrasses me or is too much for me to support you with!

A little bit about me (after all, you need to trust me with you and your precious baby)

I’m Jess, a long time established baby and newborn photographer in Norwich. My goal is to capture the story of your family – in fact you can read lots of nice things families have said about me in the past HERE.

My simplicity newborn packages are always popular, for which I am very grateful and I think it’s because I ensure the time length doesn’t feel overwhelming, it’s because I keep everything simple and most importantly, everything I do is led by you and your baby. Examples of my images can be found here.

My motto? Pure, simple, timeless.

Trained and a bit of baby whisperer

I’m trained to safely pose babies, investing lots of time and money to ensure I was confident in doing things correctly. Now I have over 10 years of experience working with babies and children,

I’m intuitive enough to know when to stop and encourage some cuddles and we don’t rely on babies being ‘good’. What I mean by this is that every moment is good, and I photograph it all – awake, asleep, sneezes, bottom lip pouts etc!

I encourage everyone to take part in the session (of course those who want to participate) and I’ll lead you, so no need to be camera shy! The focus is always those wonderful cuddles rather than cheesy smiles at the camera – I’d rather focus on snuggles and the affection that naturally radiates off a family.

Simplicity is implied and is true, no-frills, huge props, in my studio… a simple white baby vest is enough, this is about comfort and no baby (in my opinion) will ever be more gorgeous than when it is just them and maybe a neutral blanket. If you have a sentimental teddy or keepsake, then of course bring them along and we will incorporate them.

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

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Love, Jess x