Guest blogger –  Our 20 weeks baby scan norwich 2018


Our 20 week scan baby scan, another opportunity to see our beautiful growing baby, we’re already more in Love then we ever could have imagined. Seeing our baby’s little hand almost wave at us whilst having a yawn was amazing to see. Since having our scan i can now feel kicks and movements, i think i could feel smaller versions of this before but i didn’t quite realise how big my baby was, i thought i could just feel gas… oops sorry baby. Baby enjoys cold drinks and sweet treats so i have a lot of those to keep baby entertained.


So did we find out?… We didn’t! But it was hard not to have a sneaky peek.


So now it’s time to look into pregnancy classes, my midwife recommended for us to book onto Birth and Babies for my antenatal and I’ve had other recommendations for Hypnobirthing. I’m very excited to start Hypnobirthing, i feel this is the only way i could possibly get through labour! I’ve also signed onto Pregnancy Yoga to help with my posture, to help strengthen my back muscles and for pure relaxation.


Since I found out i was pregnant I’ve suffered with immense back pain, (standing up all day with my profession sure doesn’t help either) so I’ve started physiotherapy at the Jenny Lind department in hope i can figure a way to fix the pain…


I’m really enjoying my pregnancy journey but I’m slightly struggling with the HEAT! It’s so hot! I shouldn’t complain really but I’m assuming I’m not the only baby mumma trying to avoid sunshine like a vampire. The table fan is my new best friend! Like how my “BB HUG ME’ (pregnancy pillow) is my new ‘boyfriend’.


So after my baby scan Norwich, it’s now for my next Midwife appointment!

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