Legoland is it worth the money? 2016

Legoland is it worth the money? Oh yes!

We booked a great deal back in January for a June visit to Legoland Windsor. We wanted to go for 2 days as we heard you need 2 days to get around and do it all. We treated our family to a 1-night stay at the hotel there. It cost us just over  £300 for 2 days visit, 1-night hotel stay and tea/ breakfast. I know lots of people who have brought day passes and stayed in hotels nearby.

We arrived on Wednesday morning and checked into the hotel. It was amazing outside and in – for our little ones it must have just been WOW! I really was like a big kid, this was the entrance – the dragon puffed smoke out! The staff were super helpful and took our luggage which they hold onto for the day and then take to your room when it’s ready.

We parked in the hotel carpark which is a very short walk to the hotel, once you have checked in you can go out and enter the park through the hotel entrance , the next day we were allowed in the park 30 minutes early which was handy as we could get on the boat ride we had missed the day before with no queuing.

The foyer is brilliant,  lots for the children to look a while you check in, and an area full of Lego for them to build whatever they choose. There is also a small shop too.

Legoland Windsor

Here are some snaps of the hotel family room – the kids were amazed by it when we walked in and so excited they had 2 bunk beds and tv all pirate themed. The hotel also left a birthday card, balloon and big badge for Lucas too.Legoland Windso Legoland Windso Legoland Windso

In our room, we found a treasure chest and we had to find the answers to the clues in order to open it – I won’t tell you what was inside in case you stay – to look prices look here.

Legoland Windsor-8Legoland Windsor

The park itself is awesome !! Hubby and I loved miniature land it is very clever how they have built replica cities. Lila is 3 and could go on pretty much every ride we wanted. She was just over 90cm, I think had she been shorter, Lila would have been upset to miss out.

There are still lots of rides for little ones but for our kids aged 3 and 5 it was perfect.

We got so much done on Wednesday it being term time, we hardly queued at all! I have heard during the holidays its madness and the queues take hours! We did all the water rides last as we knew we could go straight to the hotel to have a shower and change for the yummy buffet dinner.


Legoland Windsor-11 Legoland Windsor-13 Legoland Windsor-16


We brought a digi pass for the 2 days for £40 this meant we got all photos from the rides instead of individual prices. I knew i’d want them all. I try and restrain myself from taking lots of photos when on family days and just enjoy the moments. Having some images of the 4 of us is really important to me and worth it.

The kids loved the water splash park, there is nowhere for parents to sit which is a bit annoying as we couldn’t get them off it for ages.

The second day at Legoland we walked past, and it was very busy this was later on in the day. We choose this area first thing on the second day it was so warm we knew they would dry out! There are lockers at this section too but it takes £1 every time you use it so just remember this if you plan on popping back to it lots to have lots of pound coins.

My kids favourite rides were :

Fairy Tale Brook – a little boat ride for all the family

Atlantis Submarine Voyage

The Dragon – it starts off inside the castle and then goes outside

Laser Raiders –  we got quite competitive shooting lasers

L- Drivers – the kiddies drove electric cars, at the end they get their own  LEGOLAND Driving Licence – this costs £10 if you want a lanyard or £5 each with a digi-pass

see the rides listed here

The staff were very friendly and helpful throughout our 2-day visit to Legoland, they let us bring a cake and looked after it for us until the evening meal. They sang to Lucas too! If you are staying in their hotel and give them 2 weeks notice they will make a cake for you.

There are plenty of shops to buy sun hats & waterproofs if the weather suddenly changes and of course lots of Lego & toys. We especially loved the Stars war exhibition and star wars shop!

There are cafes and restaurants about which were manic at key times. We saw plenty of organised people eating picnics! It is amazing we loved it, and had a blast.


We will be going back for sure! Lucas and Lila’s teddy bears enjoying the hotel view over the park.


Legoland Windsor