What to wear at a photoshoot – Norwich Photographer 2016

I have had my studio in Norwich for nearly 8 years, and a common worry from parents is about what to wear at a photoshoot. My style is simple, natural and neutral – I believe this works best to get timeless images, therefore I advise parents on what to wear to compliment my style and their baby/ family. Whites and neutrals are so so timeless.


mum and her two children



When people book a photoshoot with me whether it be a newborn shoot, a baby shoot, cake smash or maternity photoshoot. There is a common theme to the advice given in the ‘what to wear’ information sheets provided.

  •  Avoid logos and cartoon characters that will one day date
  •  Colours –  cream and soft pastel colour work well against my light backdrops
  • Try to loosely co-ordinate, for example, everyone in jeans and a neutral different style of top or in various shades of complimentary colours – navy, greys, creams,  pastels etc.
  •  Stripes and spots only work well for babies alone and add a bit of fun to the portrait session but not when mixed with siblings and family images

I had a client recently say that all her favourite images of her son, were the plainer dressed images taken in the studio. She did like the ones where he was dressed in bright colours but the more simple outfits looked better and complimented her other images on her wall.

Young babies are best to wear simple snug clothes, like a simple baby grow. Such as plain vest, tight rompers, dungarees anything that will not bunch near the baby’s face.


baby grabbing toes



For my newborn sessions, I have a few vests and bodysuits parents can borrow if they would like some images of their baby dressed – often vests / sleep-suits distract and are too big.


Maternity shoots are amazing to capture when mummy-to-be dress in tight-fitting clothes, vest tops, long sleeves tops that cling to the bump. Also, ‘normal’ jeans with the buttons open look great too – I also lend ladies my maternity gowns for something a bit different.


Norwich baby photographer


Sibling and family images are a bit harder to organise for parents, but well worth it when you can loosely co-ordinate and see how amazing you all look together!

family photoshoot Norfolk


I do not like people dressing too smart if that’s not ‘them’ it’s important you all dress in what you feel comfortable in too.

Head over to my Pinterest board to see more outfit ideas – if you have a shoot booked with another photographer they should guide you to what to wear, if their style is bright and colourful they will likely have different advice to offer. The above information is what works best for me and my style!

To book a shoot please get in touch.

Jess x