Guest Blog: Top Tips for Juggling Motherhood & Self-Employment By Serena Fordham

Being a self-employed mum of a toddler and a newborn can be very challenging at times, especially if you’re juggling motherhood & self-employment

If you are a mum who works for yourself, then I am sure you can relate to the conflict your brain has between spending time with your children and working on your business. I know I constantly feel guilty that one of these is suffering, as I haven’t got enough time in the day to do everything…

…and as for household chores, sometimes I just give up!

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Serena and family photo by me / Jess Wilkins Photography

Here are my top 10 tips for juggling motherhood and self-employment

1. Make lists and prioritise. I like to have one list for both business and mum stuff as to not confuse myself by using separate ones. I also put everything in my diary so nothing is missed!

2. Find amazing childcare. I am lucky to have my parents and in-laws to look after the children whenever I need to. Although I still feel guilty when leaving them for a business related appointment!

3. Prepare bags, clothes, lunches, etc the evening before. The mornings are most crazy!

4. Schedule in work time when the kids are in bed. A few hours every evening can clear my work to-do list as well as a full working day will!

5. Outsource work and ask for help when needed. I have 3 amazing ladies who help in my business, and they make me feel like all is not just on my shoulders. Plus, self-employment can be pretty lonely at times, so having a team to support me is lovely!

6. Network with other self-employed mum’s who are in the same boat as you! Her business brew is a great group to do this – details can be found here.

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7. Have a box of crafts or games that the kids can do themselves. This will keep them entertained if you have to make a business call or complete work when they are around! Even short bursts on a tablet, or half an hour in front of CBeebies, isn’t going to do any harm either!

8. Schedule quality time with the family. Time with your family is very important as your kids grow up so fast. Even a quick trip to the park, or reading them a story makes all the difference!

9. Don’t beat yourself up if everything isn’t done. No woman is superwoman (even though we like to think we are!) just move stuff to next weeks to do list!! (It’s not the end of the world!)

10. Make time for yourself. All this juggling can leave you shattered, so make time for yourself. I like to get my nails/hair done, visit the spa, or have the occasional afternoon tea! Although a long soak in the bath (with no kids) is even a nice treat!

I hope these tips will help you when trying to juggle motherhood and self-employment!


Serena Forguest blogger norwichdham is known as “Norfolk’s Admin Super Woman” and assists her clients across Norfolk and the surrounding areas with administration, bookkeeping, event management, project management, and writing tasks. To read more of her blogs check out:

Serena is also a published children’s author of ‘Imaginary Deedee goes to the park’, and organises and hosts a monthly women’s networking event called ‘Her Business Brew’. She is also a Director of Buy Local Norfolk and an ambassador for 3 charities. Find her