How to choose your newborn photographer?

There are many newborn photographers in Norwich, and when choosing how on earth do you pick a photographer when every one of us has different pricing packages, different offers, locations, styles and more?

Well if you are looking for a natural baby photoshoot ensuring the capture of candid family moments in a safe and serene environment then I hope you would consider me as your family photographer.

How to choose your newborn photographer

While price remains an important decision maker, I would also stress that the main factor you should be looking for is specialism and safety. Someone who has been working with newborns (ideally for years, but everyone has to start somewhere! In this instance look for training) and who offers transparency and publicly shows their training and insurance (You can read more here about my experience). Your newborn is the most precious thing in your world and you need to ensure that you have a photographer who respects that and someone who knows how to soothe and comfort in a shoot.

Safety must come first and is paramount to a newborn shoot. A great price may sound like a reason to book, but are they experienced enough for that price? I ensure I have ongoing specialised training and experience (plus I’m a mum to two myself) and they don’t call me a baby whisperer for nothing!

I’ve talked about posing on this blog but I’ll recap here that sometimes images may require composite images. Now whilst my style is much more natural and relaxed, a composite image is one that requires two images to be photoshopped together to make one. This way your baby has hands on safely at all times. This requires knowledge of safety, temperature, circulation and how to adjust properly – does the photographer you are considering have that?

Quality. I believe quality cannot be gained overnight, it has to be earned with hard work and experience. Now, the quality varies in Norwich – from new starters to old timers like myself! When I look back, I can see how far I have come in the last 7 years. So, if you want quality look for lighting, style, baby comfort, parents’ comfort and so on, check out the photographers gallery and if you think those poses would make you comfortable then that’s really positive.

Props, I’m not a prop user and that’s just because my unique approach is that babies should be captured just as they are in all their wonderfulness. Personally, for me I don’t need tutus and pearls, just a pair of wrinkled new feet, a gummy smile and a curled up ball of perfect!

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

To book your newborn photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.