Newborn Photographer – posing babies safely

I have invested in one-to-one training for my newborn photography, I feel it really has been vital to the business to learn about posing babies safely. Not only does training give you confidence and lots of guidance. It really teaches the skills you to pose babies safely. Although I keep my images simple and natural,  a few poses I set up need a spotter (usually mum or dad) or for them to lightly hold baby’s head see the examples below.

I am a member of The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association.

They are a great organisation promoting the awareness of newborn safety during photoshoots.

They educate and empower photographers to work safely with newborn babies. In their directory, you can find local photographers to you. They have written some short blogs on safety too.

You can also find out who trains in newborn photography on their website.

I recently tried a new pose,  of a baby in dads hands. Through my training, I knew that behind the final image was a safely held baby in Daddy’s lap as you can see.


safety 3


I rarely use props but I do love this setup, in the final image you cannot see that there is a spotter sitting very close to the toddler in case he suddenly moves. The basket is also weighted down so that it will not topple over.




I, like many photographers, invest heavily in training not just around lighting and photoshop, but how to work with babies safely.  When looking for a baby photographer please look at their images to see if the babies look happy and comfy. Also, ask people for recommendations,  nearly all my bookings come from word of mouth.

Here my promo video of me at work, It is always a  good idea to look at a photographers website and testimonials. I have written a choosing a baby photographer choosing the right newborn photographer for your family and safety is a point I emphasise.


Newborn photography looks easy, but as many of my clients know it is not that simple. It takes time and a lot of patience and safety always comes first!


Jess x