Newborn Photographer – posing babies safely

I have invested in one-to-one training for my newborn photography, I feel it really has been vital to the business to learn about posing babies safely. Not only does training give you confidence and lots of guidance. It really teaches the skills you to pose babies safely. Although I keep my images simple and natural,  a few poses I set up need a spotter (usually mum or dad) usually when siblings are involved. I do not do poses that are composites which are two images are edited together, for me I only offer poses babies can gentle be moved into.

This image was safely taken with Dad holding the baby just slightly above a beanbag.

As parents always feel able to ask photographers if they’ve had hands-on training. This is a good indicator that the photographer is trained, safety aware and invested in the work they do. I have undertaken at least four 1-2-1’s with the leading trainers, watched hours and hours of training videos and undertaken first aid.  Through mentoring and years of working with babies, you learn their cues and how to settle them.

Although I baby-led and move babies gentle I do not leave them unattended, the studio is warm but it’s not too hot. When we do sibling images a parent is often just out of the shoot being a spotter. I listen and watch babies cues and check the circulation keeping them snug and comfy!