Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich.

Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Simplicity newborn package with me, 10 years experienced baby photographer in Norwich

Those first few weeks, whether you are a first time parent or you have done it all before… No one prepares you for the whirlwind of emotions, the tiredness, the overwhelm of being responsible for such a tiny person.

Yet, it is undoubtedly, for most, a magic like no other.

The smell of a newborn baby head, those first little raises of the lips as they express their needs… the wrinkles in their feet… while those details invariably pass by in the blink of an eye my simplicity package aims to capture those moments for a lifetime. I can’t capture the smells, but I can capture those emotions and every small detail you won’t want to forget.

simplicity newborn

My simplicity newborn package has become my most popular

This photography package is aimed at babies from 5 days old to 8 weeks old and the session lasts an hour; allowing parents the relief of not worrying about a longer time in the studio, but equally, there’s no pressure if we have to spend some time making sure everyone is relaxed and importantly enjoying their time with me. The package includes all edited images approx 40 images to print as you wish.  Family and sibling images are always encouraged and this isn’t an add-on its included in the package at no extra cost. I’m a firm believer in the whole family being involved.

“Jess was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute of our photo session today. She made us all feel very relaxed. She is amazing at how she works with newborns and toddlers and how she gets the photos just right. I would highly recommend Jess. 10 out of 10” 

simplify newborn

Relaxed approach and baby-led

My aim, always, is to ensure your experience of a newborn photography session is enjoyable. From my home photography studio in beautiful Norwich, I have created a little oasis of calm, equipped with everything you need to not only get your family photos but to deal with anything that happens within your allotted time – from absolutely normal baby melt downs or nappy explosions (I am well stocked with nappies!) As a mum myself, I’ve been there, done that and nothing embarrasses me or is too much for me to support you with!

A little bit about me (after all, you need to trust me with you and your precious baby)

I’m Jess, a long time established baby and newborn photographer in Norwich. My goal is to capture the story of your family – in fact you can read lots of nice things families have said about me in the past HERE.

My simplicity newborn packages are always popular, for which I am very grateful and I think it’s because I ensure the time length doesn’t feel overwhelming, it’s because I keep everything simple and most importantly, everything I do is led by you and your baby. Examples of my images can be found here.

My motto? Pure, simple, timeless.

Trained and a bit of baby whisperer

I’m trained to safely pose babies, investing lots of time and money to ensure I was confident in doing things correctly. Now I have over 10 years of experience working with babies and children,

I’m intuitive enough to know when to stop and encourage some cuddles and we don’t rely on babies being ‘good’. What I mean by this is that every moment is good, and I photograph it all – awake, asleep, sneezes, bottom lip pouts etc!

I encourage everyone to take part in the session (of course those who want to participate) and I’ll lead you, so no need to be camera shy! The focus is always those wonderful cuddles rather than cheesy smiles at the camera – I’d rather focus on snuggles and the affection that naturally radiates off a family.

Simplicity is implied and is true, no-frills, huge props, in my studio… a simple white baby vest is enough, this is about comfort and no baby (in my opinion) will ever be more gorgeous than when it is just them and maybe a neutral blanket. If you have a sentimental teddy or keepsake, then of course bring them along and we will incorporate them.

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

To book your photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.


If you’re looking for a NewbornMaternityCake Smash or Family Photographer.


Then find out more by clicking the button below or visiting my Instagram account to see some examples of recent work.

Love, Jess x

newborn shoot

Classic newborn shoot or a Simplicity newborn shoot ? What is the difference.

Classic newborn shoot or a Simplicity newborn shoot? What is the difference?

newborn shoot

The Classic newborn shoot;

The Classic Newborn sessions are best captured in the first 5-14 days, they can be done up to 3 weeks old. In the early days, babies are still in that gorgeous squishy phase – all curly and sleepy from being in the womb.

This is also when they are most likely to sleep for some of the shoot, and be content whilst being gently moved into positions, such as laying on their tummies allowing me to tuck their hands under their heads. (Older babies are more alert and love to stretch out and this is why I created my Simplicity newborn package so that parents do not feel they have to miss out on having a shoot if their baby is that bit older)

The classic newborn session usually lasts around 1.5 –  2 hours, but always on the baby’s timescale.

Young babies feed on demand and this is why the longer shoot is great for babies under 3 weeks old. I never want to rush through, and part of the session is feeding, winding, and nappy changes.

This is when we pause for a break, snacks etc. If siblings are present and happy for me to take some images, I will encourage them to have some on their own too.

We do try and get some sleepy curled up images in the longer shoot. Sometimes babies just won’t sleep.

But I always emphasize, the way I work means your baby will be photographed awake, asleep, yawning, sneezing – it’s totally baby-led and about capturing them just as they are.

This package is best for those who wish to photograph their baby soon after birth and want more studio time and images to choose from. 

The Simplicity package

The Simplicity package – is a shorter simpler shoot. The shoot is up to 45 – 60 minutes of studio time instead of the classic longer shoot.

It is perfect for older babies up to 8 weeks (prem babies up to 12 weeks) but also for anyone who wants a shorter shoot.

We do not spend time getting the baby asleep, but there is always time for feeding and nappy changing. In this shoot, we often take more awake and wrapped images, it also gives families time to be in some photos and for me to photograph babies on their own.

If your baby is older and therefore more alert this is the package for you.

Often parents book this package if they are keen to have their newborn baby photographed whilst small but are happy with the baby being awake and not as posed or asleep . As this is a shorter shoot, there is less variety of images and backdrop changes but I always ensure we get your baby’s little details such baby toes, hands, button noses etc photographed.


This package is great for those who have older babies,  want a shorter session (great for those with toddlers ) , or families who want to photograph their new baby but dont require many images or poses.



Have school-age children?

I work weekends but they get booked quite a bit ahead. But I do offer to split the shoot into two sections. The baby during the day and sibling images can be taken after school,  or at 9 am so that you can then get them to school. The feedback has been great.

“I loved having the family/ girls pictures split. As I got to have a relaxed shoot with just me and Jack. Then when the girls then had their’s it was very quick to get there photos done . It was perfect !! 
Thank you again” Gina, Norwich 

I hope this helps you decide the difference between my Classic newborn shoot & the Simplicity newborn shoot

Newborn Family and Baby Photographer Norwich

What does a newborn studio look like? Inside my baby studio

What does a newborn studio look like?

Have a peek at my home newborn studio. It is designed to be a welcoming and soothing sanctuary which is perfect for babies and small families.

Newborn Family and Baby Photographer Norwich


The studio is especially set up to be calm, comfortable and convenient for my families. I have many years of photographing babies and young children so it is important to me that it is a rewarding experience for you all.

Newborn Family and Baby Photographer Norwich


I have minimal props as I want the focus to be on your beautiful bump or newborn baby. I don’t want to distract from your baby and I like the images to be neutral and pure, but I do have a selection of organic and super soft rompers, wraps and blankets. I also have a choice of maternity outfits that include chunky cardigans, vest tops and lace garments.

Bring the family

Siblings are always welcome to come along to the shoots, even if they don’t want to join in themselves. There are wooden toys to play with and Wi-Fi. There are shops and parks nearby if older siblings wish to have a break from the newborn shoot as it is a small studio I do not have a designated play area. There is a woodland walk nearby too.

The session

Before, during and after the shoot your newborn baby is my number one priority. At the studio you’ll find everything that parents need to care for their baby; nappies, wipes, changing mat and a sofa to stop for bottle and breastfeeds.

As the studio is quite small, it’s perfect for bumpsnewborns, babies, and cake smashes! After that, for older children and on the go toddlers I would recommend outdoor shoots. The freedom of an outdoor shoot means we get lots of natural smiles. At the moment outdoor shoots are on hold.

Thanks for taking a peek at the studio!


To book your newborn shoot contact me here for an informal chat.

Jess Wilkins Baby Photographer’s Guide to Photographing Your Newborn at home

Jess Wilkins Baby Photographer’s Guide to Photographing Your Newborn at home 2020

Jess Wilkins Baby Photographer’s Guide to Photographing Your Newborn at home

Photographing Your Newborn at home

I’m so sad that during these times I’m unable to photograph beautiful new babies but, I thought long and hard about how I can help new parents capture those moments from afar; with whatever camera and props you have available! As much as I love having families in my Norwich studio, I can’t bear the thought of  families missing out when there are some simple ways to create a good photo from home.

These moments are fleeting so don’t think you can’t treasure them always because of the crisis we currently find ourselves in. You don’t need a DSLR, a simple smartphone camera can do a brilliant trick so, find below a series of tips, poses and ideas on how to set up some shots.

Photographing Your Newborn at home

Don’t forget to share them with me on Instagram @jess_wilkins_photography – it will make my day to see how you are being creative with your at home shoots! As a baby photographer, I am trained to pose babies, please don’t attempt to re-create what you see on my website (and others) at home and always put baby safety first.


Safety – this is one of the most important points.


The safety and comfort of your baby is more important than any photo. Please do not attempt any poses that you see newborn photographers do. We are trained in newborn safety and posing, remember this is about what you can do at home, not how to recreate a studio perfect image.


Pets and siblings make for wonderful baby photography but should never be photographed without another adult right there to keep an eye (and hand!) on the baby. 

It may seem obvious but if using a large camera and when you are taking photos above baby, always wear the camera strap around your neck.


Listen for baby’s cues. Your little one may start to tell you they have had enough. Pace yourself, you just had a baby and will need rest! If you need to break it up over a few days then do so.

Get ready – how to set the room and mood:


First off, know that your photos are not going to look the same as professional photos, and that’s ok! You are capturing some precious memories, and that is all that matters. Babies are energy-based and will pick up on your anxiety and frustration, so just relax and go with the flow. If it doesn’t go to plan, take a break and try later.


Turn up the thermostat so the room is warm, then give your baby a good feed, and be sure to burp them, so they are happy and sleepy! (But remember that awake baby images are beautiful too – the first smile, those scrunched up faces and altogether strange shapes they make).


Your baby will probably poop or pee if you take photos without a nappy on, so have supplies ready for quick clean ups – this is a common occurrence in the studio so don’t think this is just happening to you – I highly recommend Dr Beckamsn cleaning products! 


I find white noise can really soothe a newborn during a shoot so that’s another option to create a calm room.


Some initial starting tips


  • Spread a blanket, swaddle wrap, or sheet on the floor near a window. (neutral works well, greys whites and patterns such as arrows or polka dots)
  • Position the baby with light coming from the side or top of the baby’s head.
  • Take photos looking straight down – do not take photos up baby’s nose.



Don’t worry if you don’t have a DSLR, any smart phones will work, first up clean your lens and secondly, (if you have it) try putting your phone on portrait mode to get some deep focus with a yummy blur. I tend to avoid props but you may want some lovely snuggly blankets/a sheepskin and a favourite teddy to nestle your baby with.


What to wear


To really capture your newborn I always recommend having the family wear comfortable, simple, neutral-coloured clothing. Stay away from logos, words, and characters on shirts, and neon colours. It can really help to have some colour coordination too… you can see some family shots HERE for inspiration.


Newborns photograph best in a simple white onesie – because really is there anything better?

You can add a little hat or headband for variety (but not one so big it takes the focus away from the baby!)


Lighting and position


Any photographer will tell you the trick to a good photo is the lighting, at home you can achieve great results with the following:


  • Try to take your photos in the rooms that get the best gentle window light (not direct sunlight). 
  • North/south facing windows are great! If there’s enough window light, turn off your overhead lights.


  • When positioning the baby close to the window, make sure the light is coming from the side or towards the top of the baby’s head – but remember not direct sunlight on your baby.

photographing your newborn at home



It’s always great to take lots of images so you can choose the best of the best. VSCO app is a great editing tool that you can use instantly as is Lightbox. With a little cropping, brightening and sharpening you can really enhance your already beautiful pictures.

You can get into super detail and purchase a pre-set package if there’s a certain ‘style’ you want to recreate.


Photo Check List and suggestions:

Sibling Images


  • Spread a comfy blanket or rug close to a window. Tuck some rolled up

receiving blankets underneath to create a place for siblings to rest their heads.

  • Have siblings lie down with the top of their head angled towards the window.
  • Place wrapped baby right up close to sibling, with baby’s head

supported by sibling’s arm/s.

  • Ask the sibling to place their other arm on the baby’s tummy or somehow connect.
  • Take your photo standing over them, looking straight down.


Parent and Baby images


  • Place the parent sitting or standing so window light comes from the side.
  • Try to always angle the top of the baby’s head towards the window.
  • Hold baby in different ways: lying in arms, held face to face, up on

shoulder, facing out, etc.

  • For each position, take photos from different angles – straight on, from

side, from behind over parent’s shoulder, etc.


Whole Family Images


  • Position your family members with window light coming from the

side – on a couch, or even on the floor of the nursery.Make sure you

leave a spot for you to sit or stand

  • Use a tripod if you have one, or simply set up your camera/phone

against something sturdy, getting the whole family in the frame.

  • Activate the timer (10 seconds), and run to get into your assigned

position with your family. Smile!


Capturing the details


  • Lie the baby down on a simple white or neutral coloured blanket or

sheet, close to a window.

  • Focus on just one body part at time, and make the whole photo

just about that body part.

  • Take photos of your baby’s hands and fingers, feet and toes, nose,

lips, belly button, and wisps of hair. Most importantly don’t forget the little rolls and

flaky skin.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any further help or information. For anyone expecting later in the year I will be offering vouchers for newborn shoots. 

For your own downable guide to photographing your newborn at home please click here for the free guide

baby sleepiNG

Norwich Mumbler Birth Story

Norwich Mumbler Birth Story


Norwich Mumbler is back with her final guest blog and birth story . …


Bathroom Floor Baby…

Baby number 2 was an accidental bathroom floor baby and it was actually such a lovely experience (I would absolutely recommend considering a homebirth, if you can!), that when I found out I was pregnant with number 3 I immediately knew I wanted to do it again…but planned this time!

The plan was to stay at home and give birth in the bathroom again (wipe clean).  My dad even bought some Galaxy ripples so I could have one afterwards, just like I’d had the time before.

The meeting with the midwife at 36-weeks went well and she went through the checklist of things I should get ready.  I figured I had plenty of time and still didn’t have anything ready when the day came. Typical that I went into labour early!

The Best Laid Plans…

But as with all the greatest plans, you have to be ready for them to change.  Two weeks and a day before my due date, I woke in the early hours of the 14th June with some ouchy twinges, but went back to sleep.  Then when I went to the toilet at 5am I realised I was wet.  I’ve never had pelvic floor problems during or after pregnancy, so I felt a bit annoyed that it had randomly started now…or had it? I didn’t feel like I’d wet myself as I still needed a wee.  It was then it came to me that it could possibly be something else…ah crap, I was going to have to push out a baby today!

I told my sleepy husband I suspected I may be in labour and went back to bed to see if I had any twinges that indicated I was right.  I then started to bleed, which told me something was definitely starting, so I rang Medicom at around 6am.  They said a midwife wouldn’t be able to get to me until 8am (something they hadn’t mentioned at my homebirth appointment), but as I was bleeding they would prefer me to go to N&N to be monitored.


Cue very mild panic that I a) hadn’t sorted any form of childcare plan for child 1 and child 2 b) hadn’t packed any kind of hospital/labour bag c) could potentially give birth in the car if things move as fast as they did with baby number 2.

My eldest’s ex-childminder thankfully said she’d come round straight away to look after the girls.  My husband sorted out breakfast for them as they were now awake, and I threw some basics in a bag.


The Main Event…


I needn’t have worried about giving birth in the car as everything slowed down en route to the hospital (a good job because there were roadworks stopping us going the way we would normally and we had to queue for a bit!) and were still going slow when we got there.  I was hooked up onto the monitors in Delivery Suite by a lovely midwife, Wendy, and student, Shauna.

We chatted about Dougs.  Wendy’s husband is called Doug and loves talking to everyone, my dad is called Doug and loves talking to everyone…all of this in between contractions that were quite mild, but a bit ouchy, and not lasting very long.  I told Wendy of my birth experience with baby number 2 and she agreed that when things started properly she thought it would go fast.


After around 15 minutes of monitoring everyone was happy that baby was fine and I was fine, so I was unhooked and could stand up again.  And that is when it happened.

You know that picture of different foods that represent a dilating cervix, cheerio size to bagel?  I literally felt like I went from cheerio to bagel in an instant.  Bam.  I’d gone from chatting Dougs to suddenly only being able to say ‘mat’ (as in I wanted a mat to get down on the floor) and ‘Gas and air’.

20 minutes and I think two pushes later out popped baby number 3…’It’s a boy!’

Norwich Mumbler Birth Story
Norwich Mumbler Birth Story

Fast forward…

I didn’t mind having to go into hospital in the end as I’m so pleased I got to have support from Midwife Wendy, who just kept telling me to trust my body, which I did.  The tea and toast afterwards on Delivery suite always tastes amazing and I was so well looked after!

Now it’s 8-weeks later and I’ve so far learned that having three children is HARD, but seeing how much the girls absolutely dote on him and start to get smiles from him in return makes all the sleepless nights, crying (me!!) and constant plate spinning worth it.


Katrin aka Norwich Mumbler 

Below are images from Remy’s newborn shoot, Katrin wasnt keen on having her photo but i think you will all agree she looks great! to book a shoot click here to get in touch.


baby and mum
baby sleepiNG

family of 5

Why I booked Jess three times to be my newborn photographer for my family

Why I booked Jess three times to be my newborn photographer for my family – guest blog

Kirsteen kindly answered some questions for me  for this blog, as to why she booked for the third time this year, to be her newborn photographer for her family. They are the first family I have captured 3 babies for and it was lovely to do so!

What was important to you when choosing your photographer?

The style of the images was first in my mind. Jess had just started when I found her. I’d met a lady at a birthing class and befriended her on Facebook – she posted a photo Jess had taken. It was stunning and I wanted the same for my baby! I hadn’t thought about getting professional photos done until I saw that image. But it is Jess’ calm nature with the children and clear passion for what she does that is the reason we go back time and time again. Since meeting Jess I’ve also realised how important it is that a photographer is trained in how to handle and pose tiny babies.

newborn photographer for family

What stands out for you about your experience with me?

Your calmness. Getting 2/3 children dressed up, stopping them from getting filthy, in the car and all in a happy good mood is hard work! We’ve had a couple of trips where our eldest didn’t want to play ball but something about the way you interact with the children brings calm and means you always get great shots. Of course that is so important with a sleeping newborn too!

Was there anything that surprised you?

There was one Christmas shoot which for me was a disaster. The kids were unruly and rude and I was so embarrassed. Jess was amazing. She wasn’t fazed at all and even offered for us to come back even though it wasn’t her fault at all and we’d used up our allotted time. But actually somehow, I’d say by a miracle but actually that’s an injustice as it’s due to her skill, she managed to get done amazing photos. I was pretty speechless when I saw them

family of 5

What was your favourite pose & why?

On a newborn shoot the naked curled up photos are my favs. They are adorable, simple and natural. Very often on the family shoots though my favourite are natural ones Jess has caught when we are laughing or looking at each other.

how do you feel when you look at the photos ?

Oh I just adore them. I treasure photos. They are my memories and I pore over them to see how the children have grown and changed from year to year. I feel proud of my family and very lucky to have such beautiful images of them.

What’s your favourite memory from each session?

I loved at the last shoot the little welcome bored with our names on. It was one of the first times I’d seen the three boys names together and also just helped the elder too feel included as it was mostly about the baby really.

The Christmas shoots have become a bit of a family tradition. I love sourcing their outfits but I have to do it quite early as the shoots are in November! It’s the first but if Christmas shopping I do and the photos are fab to get us into the Christmas spirit. Jess also have an enviable collection of cute wooden toys and baby outfits. What’s not to love about looking at all of those?

newborn photographer for family

why did you choose me again with so much choice?

Two things: the quality of your photos which are always faultless and the way you interact with the children.  I love your style of photography. It’s simple and beautiful. But equally as important is the positive experience we have every time.
I hope this blog gives you a little insight as to why families trust me time and time again. To have an informal chat about any type of photoshoot I offer please use my contact form! Jess x

newborn photographer for family

baby smiling Norwich

Am I too late to book my baby in for a newborn shoot ?

Am I too late to book my baby in for a newborn shoot ?

This blog is from Mum Hannah,  who thought she may have been too late to book her baby in for a newborn shoot and her review of her newborn mini shoot.

As soon as Isabella was born I knew I wanted to have some newborn photos taken of her. I had seen Jess’ Facebook page pop up and liked her natural style and the fact she specialised and had trained in baby photography so decided to book in with her.

But as I’m sure lots of new mums can relate, weeks went by in a newborn haze and I had forgotten to book in. I also felt very anxious about taking my daughter out when she was so little.

I was (I now realise irrationally!) worried about what I would do if I couldn’t stop her crying/ if she needed to be fed/ if she needed to be changed.

So I ended up waiting until Isabella was 11 weeks old before I messaged Jess. Thankfully she had a convenient free slot a week later and we popped along to her studio for a newborn mini shoot.

Am I too late to book my baby in for a newborn shoot

I needn’t have worried! As soon as we arrived Isabella needed feeding so we snuggled up on Jess’ comfy sofa in her beautiful studio and fed, whilst Jess got me a drink and discussed what sort of photos we wanted taken.

The whole session felt incredibly relaxed and I felt completely comfortable with Jess handling my daughter. In fact Isabella loved her and we have several beautiful photos that Jess managed to take of her smiling!

Before the shoot I was definitely worried that we had missed the boat for newborn photography,

but having her photos taken when she was a little older enabled us to capture her growing personality, facial expressions and us as a family in a more relaxed state.

Jess even got some photos of me breastfeeding which I will really treasure.

too late to book my baby in for a newborn shoot

For anyone who feels like they’ve missed the opportunity to capture their babies when they are tiny I would definitely recommend booking in with Jess.

I’m now really glad we waited and am so grateful to Jess for making the session so laid back, and for the amazing set of photos she captured. (I had to have them all!!)

Thanks so much Jess for the care and attention you put into your work. We will be back!


If you are wantig to discus a booking your baby it really isnt too late i’d love to hear from you!Contact Me



How to choose your newborn photographer

How to choose your newborn photographer?

How to choose your newborn photographer?

There are many newborn photographers in Norwich, and when choosing how on earth do you pick a photographer when every one of us has different pricing packages, different offers, locations, styles and more?

Well if you are looking for a natural baby photoshoot ensuring the capture of candid family moments in a safe and serene environment then I hope you would consider me as your family photographer.

How to choose your newborn photographer

While price remains an important decision maker, I would also stress that the main factor you should be looking for is specialism and safety. Someone who has been working with newborns (ideally for years, but everyone has to start somewhere! In this instance look for training) and who offers transparency and publicly shows their training and insurance (You can read more here about my experience). Your newborn is the most precious thing in your world and you need to ensure that you have a photographer who respects that and someone who knows how to soothe and comfort in a shoot.

Safety must come first and is paramount to a newborn shoot. A great price may sound like a reason to book, but are they experienced enough for that price? I ensure I have ongoing specialised training and experience (plus I’m a mum to two myself) and they don’t call me a baby whisperer for nothing!

I’ve talked about posing on this blog but I’ll recap here that sometimes images may require composite images. Now whilst my style is much more natural and relaxed, a composite image is one that requires two images to be photoshopped together to make one. This way your baby has hands on safely at all times. This requires knowledge of safety, temperature, circulation and how to adjust properly – does the photographer you are considering have that?

Quality. I believe quality cannot be gained overnight, it has to be earned with hard work and experience. Now, the quality varies in Norwich – from new starters to old timers like myself! When I look back, I can see how far I have come in the last 7 years. So, if you want quality look for lighting, style, baby comfort, parents’ comfort and so on, check out the photographers gallery and if you think those poses would make you comfortable then that’s really positive.

Props, I’m not a prop user and that’s just because my unique approach is that babies should be captured just as they are in all their wonderfulness. Personally, for me I don’t need tutus and pearls, just a pair of wrinkled new feet, a gummy smile and a curled up ball of perfect!

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

To book your newborn photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.

The dangers of an untrained newborn photographer - the importance of looking for a trained newborn photographer

The dangers of an untrained newborn photographer -the importance of looking for a trained newborn photographer 2019


Becoming a photographer is a journey and mine started in Norwich 7 years ago (now 12 years ago 2024), from the start I knew I wanted to be a highly trained newborn photographer. Through my own pregnancies I discovered newborn photography was one of my callings .  I decided early on that I would be investing money to ensure that not only did I become highly skilled in my field, but also that I became the safest.

Newborn photography calls for new parents to put their trust in you and many aren’t even aware that this field is sadly not regulated; meaning photographers are posing babies with little, or even no training.

I have invested £1,000s into my training, working with a mentor, and ensuring I did hands on training. Not only to ensure that my posing was safe and gentle, but also to ensure I could soothe and settle a baby coming into a new environment. Whilst of course I had my own two babies at the start of my career. It was important I was able to have the skills to recognise cues of an unsettled newborn from any family and not just my own.

Doesn’t it look easy!?

Newborns all curled up, fast asleep, relaxed and calm, it looks like it’s a doddle, but it’s not! The gentle moulding of a baby into a pose takes patience and care (even the most relaxed styles) There are lots of ‘standard’ poses and many are what the industry call ‘composites’

I don’t offer the complex composites, that’s just not my style. My style is simple and relaxed, so everyone gets the most natural of shoots but if you do like the style then its important you find out about the photographers training to ensure the safest of shoots for your little one.

What is a composite pose?

A composite pose is one that requires a lot of manoeuvring and more than one image merged to create one single image. For example, the ‘froggy’ pose (you can Google this) not only does it take an experienced photographer, but also involves the parents. The photographer will ask a parent to hold the baby’s head first, then the baby arms and after in edit, will merge the two images together.

There is a fear from myself and many others that new photographers will attempt this without the necessary training, so always make sure you ask the questions I have provided below when you are choosing a photographer.

What poses do I offer?

I never promise a pose, the two below are as ‘posed’ as I get.  I only do these if the baby easily moves into it. I focus on more natural poses and stretches.

Most posing requires some training and hands on experience because the strength these little babies come out with is amazing. My main rule of thumb is I never leave a baby when on the bean bag, they can push themselves forward, some almost roll. (See my examples below)

Head on hands – most babies can gently go into this pose, with experience and being aware of their cues it ensures they are happy and relaxed.  If a baby has a good set of cheeks, they can rest their heads like they would on your chest. Awake babies are to alert & moving for this to be safe.

Tummy / bum up pose – another pose that looks quite simple and with gentle manoeuvring it is. However, going in with no training you could easily lay baby on their arm and cause distress which is the last thing any new parent needs when they are meant to be enjoying their time with you.

newborn with a teddy elephant

Who is policing newborn photography?

While not regulated, organisations like the Baby and Newborn Photography Association BANPAS  are helping to spread the word to parents and I would always encourage you to do and ask the following:

  • Research the photographer, would you be comfortable with your baby in their signature poses?
  • Do you believe your baby would be comfy?
  • Would you be happy to work with them?
  • Have they any evidence of insurance and training?
  • Can you see what their studio looks like?
  • Get in touch and discuss any concerns

I am all for new people embarking on this as career, it’s an amazing and fulfilling job, however, the industry must be respected by newcomers and it’s important for them to build up skills for posing babies and making parents aware of their training.

See my work

You can see all of my background infomation here . I am a trained newborn photographer and welcome anyone thinking of booking with me to check out my gallery and to contact me.

Jess x

sleeping baby

Newborn & Newborn Mini Shoots: How they are different

Newborn and Newborn Mini Shoots: How they are different, Norwich Photographer. 2019

see my latest blog on my new revamped packages instead.

Maternity, newborn and child photography is a celebration of life. Allowing you to celebrate your body as it grows your tiny human and to preserve time as it ticks, and they grow. Its why I’m so proud to see so many returning babies in Norwich as they reach vital milestones.

In this blog, I want to demonstrate the differences between my two popular packages: The newborn photography shoot (a baby under 3 weeks old) and a new-born ‘mini’ photography shoot (a baby of 3-12 weeks old)

Time plays a vital role in this and you would be amazed at how 3 weeks can make such a difference to how much time you need at a studio.


Newborn photography Shoot (0-3 weeks old)

Firstly, it’s always important to take your time with a new baby, it can take longer for them to fall asleep, many are feeding on demand and it’s important to allow that time for the whole family. It’s a daunting, as well as an incredible period of your life, and I don’t want to put any strain on that. It’s why my sessions are always baby led. This ensures the environment and the time you spend with me is relaxing for everyone involved. I support new families and I’ll always have everything you could need to hand (including a warm drink!)

Every year brings new trends for newborn photography and if you hit Google, you’ll see every photographer has their own style: from rustic backdrops and props to parent and baby shots, to swaddling.

If I had to describe my baby photography style it would always be this: calm and gentle posing in blankets or au naturel (my studio is warm and always the perfect temperature for this) to ensure a calm, womb-like feeling. Babies at 3 weeks are naturally curly beings as they are still adjusting to a world on the outside of mum! These poses will always be natural and minimal ensuring your baby’s features are captured just as they are.


A few examples of those snuggled curled up images are below …

I personally don’t feel that after 3 weeks a longer time length shoot is necessary (unless baby was early by at least 2 weeks + then we can chat what suits) …. and this is why…

Newborn ‘Mini’ Shoot (3-12 weeks old)

As a baby gets older (3 weeks and onwards) they are already more adjusted to the outside world, uncurling those teeny bodies as they enjoy space and freedom.

They are, I find, more alert, curious and already developing wonderful personalities. Frequently they have fallen into a type of routine as everyone becomes confident with one another and therefore the time can be spent capturing them awake, asleep, in mum/dad’s arms and poses can be kept light and simple – there’s less need for longer breaks and as many are more wakeful and alert it feels right to keep their time in front of a camera to a minimum. I’ve added a couple of examples of how babies stretch out and make ADORABLE baby portraits.

Capturing your memories is art for me and if you choose either package you will receive a set of work that will be cherished forever in your home, for your family to treasure and for generations to come.

For more information please contact me on  or you can see more on my packages HERE. I can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.


Jess X