Top 5 indoor activities for children when it’s hot 2018


Summer has well and truly arrived here we round up some indoor activities for children when it’s hot.

With this ongoing heatwave, you may hear the undeniable sound of parents of young children everywhere groan! As much as it is nice to see the sun finally it just isn’t that fun for your little people.

They are hot, bothered and their sleep patterns are now all over the place with it being too light and too hot. If you are pregnant and already have a toddler you are probably finding it more and more difficult to explain why you are the one occupying the paddling pool more than your child!

You know to avoid the direct midday sun from 11-3, sun cream every hour, hats and lots of water. Not everyone has a lot of shade in their garden and even if you do it can still just feel too hot, and the children aren’t the only ones having a meltdown!

But, really the only way to truly protect your littles’ from getting too hot and bothered is to keep them inside and to get creative! Another afternoon in front of C Beebies doesn’t seem that appealing, does it?

Here are our top 5 indoor activities for children to keep them cool, and amused during the day when it just gets a bit too hot for you and them.

Bring outside, indoors!

If you have the room make some space and bring some of the favourite garden toys indoors! This is the first top 5 indoor activity for children. A small toddler slide is great, or a pop-up tent/tunnel and the children will have all the fun of outside, indoors in the cool! You can sit back on the sofa with the fan and enjoy a well-deserved ice cream!

Car Mat

Car mats are great and one of the top 5 indoor activities for children while it is hot. There are lots of different types of car mats which will keep you a little happy. If you don’t have a mat you can easily make your own track with some masking tape and the best bit is you can change it as much as you want!

Indoor Cinema

It can be hard sitting indoors when you know everyone is out in beer gardens, BBQ’s, beaches etc but it doesn’t have to mean you don’t have fun too. One of the top indoor activities for children is to close the curtains (great at keeping a room cool), grab the snacks and favourite film and pretend you are in the cinema! You could even make some slushies just like the real thing from the comfort of your sofa!

Did someone say cake?

One of the all-time top 5 indoor activities for children is baking, but an afternoon in front of a hot oven in this heat sounds like torture! Have a look for some recipes that don’t require baking, no bake cheesecakes, smoothies, and even homemade ice lollies are all winners and will keep everyone cool and happy!



Games and Messy Play

There are many pre school games available that will keep everyone occupied for an afternoon. There are also some classics you can do such as hide and seek, or depending on how brave your feeling you could explore the arts and crafts cupboard! Games and messy play are one of the top 5 indoor activities for children.

Do you have any tips or activities to keep children amused indoors when it’s hot?

We would love to hear them!

Vicki Cockerill

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