Guest blog : Pregnancy diary part 2 Ali Mills – 20 week scan – we welcome Ali back for another installment of her pregnancy journey!


What’s happened since I last put fingers to keyboard.

I’ve bought dungarees, started moving more and found out we’re having a …. ?


guest blogger scan


Well, first of all let’s get priorities straight. I’ve joined the dungaree club and bought two pairs! Sooo comfy I’m practically living in them. I’ve managed to kick myself into gear and started yoga with Debbie Bagley, Babyfit at Rowan House Wellbeing Centre. Love it! I’ve not been able to get to a pregnancy yoga class because of various commitments so my little hour of breathing and stretching on a Tuesday morning is fab. It’s been particularly helpful for stabilising my pelvis as I think it’s starting to feel the strain. Swimming has been a blessing too. You can’t beat that feeling of weightlessness until you have to drag yourself out, then you feel like a sack of potatoes! The main thing is my energy is back thank goodness and I can go a whole day without sitting down for a nap. Tiredness drifts in and out but that happens pregnant or not! Headaches have been uncomfortable and come and go but I think it depends what I’m doing and how hydrated I’m keeping. It’s amazing how much growing tiny humans zap out of you, let alone the ones already here!

It’s felt like a complete age waiting for our second scan (20 weeks) to come round. Bubs has been kicking  but I want to make sure all is ok, plus not knowing the gender is killing me! So the moment came on Thursday. We had a late appointment just to eek the wait out a bit more. We finally made it and I lay on the bed. Jasmine wasn’t particularly impressed with the amount of ultrasound gel the sonographer used, however loved seeing the baby wave and then waved back! It never ceases to amaze me how much detail you see on a scan. The heart pumping away, brain a butterfly shape and the spine moving as the baby moves. Totally mind blowing. My husband can’t get his head round the fact I have, in effect, two hearts, two brains, twenty toes etc. Plus he says he’s suffering from Couvade syndrome. I’ll let you google this one. Makes me chuckle!




Once all the checks were done and measurements made we found out the gender. Drum roll … we’re having another little girl despite me feeling sure it was a boy! Jasmine is over the moon as she wanted a sister. Andy and I are chuffed to bits although I’m contemplating what it’ll be like with two girls. He’s slightly more relaxed about it as he’ll be at work most of the time! It means we’re pretty set up for clothes, although I’m still gonna buy that first newborn outfit. Just got to be done.

So, twenty weeks and half way there. It’ll be bump growing time now and continuing to keep myself fit and well. Plus I’ve volunteered to be a bump for the sonography school training so I’ll get to see little Miss Mills a bit more. Exciting!