Baby Photographer Norfolk Blog: 2017

Looking for a baby photographer in Norfolk to capture your newborn’s first few months? 

 As every parent will tell you, those first few months of a child’s life will fly by in an instant. Before you know it, your newborn will be crawling, walking, talking and heading off to nursery. Capturing this unique time in photos won’t just give you precious memories to look back on, it will also give your child an important and beautiful record of their very first days, weeks and months. If you’re currently searching for a talented baby photographer in Norwich, here’s what to look out for to ensure you get images that capture the unique personality and beauty of your baby.


Choose a photographer with experience

 As you probably know by now, taking photos of newborn babies isn’t always easy. Most newborns sleep for the majority of the day, and if they’re not asleep, they’re often feeding, being winded or being changed. Taking a beautiful image that captures the personality of your baby takes time, patience, understanding, and skill, so it’s important you choose a photographer who knows exactly what they’re doing. And though all babies will react in a slightly different way – and you can’t always guarantee they’ll play ball – an experienced photographer will be able to get the best out of your baby and take photos you’ll be able to treasure forever.

baby photographer

Photographing newborns

 Newborns are typically brought into the studio when they’re between 5-14 days, I photograph newborns up to 3 weeks old and then offer a mini newborn shoot for 4-12 week old babies. In those early days, babies have that distinctive newborn look, (little flakes of skin, button noses, wispy hair) something that’s wonderful to photograph. Often, newborns will be photographed asleep. Though you may also want images of them with their eyes open, sleeping photos make wonderful mementos and will look great on your wall for years to come.

As parents of newborns will know, it can take a while to get a brand new baby settled when they’re in a new environment. That’s why it’s a good idea to book a shoot that’s at least two hours long. As well as making the experience more relaxed, this helps to ensure you’ll get great images even if your baby is a little unsettled for part of the shoot, the photographer’s job is to soothe and settle making this your chance to enjoy a hot cuppa.



 When looking for a baby photographer in Norfolk, it’s a good idea to book a photographer who’s happy to take images of your older children too. That way you can ensure all the family feel included in the occasion and capture priceless images of your babies together.

To find out more about newborn photography in the Norwich area, give me a call/ email or take a look through my newborn galleries.