Baby and Newborn Photography Association – Pro Member level: 2016

A while back I joined the organisation Baby and Newborn Photography Association,  or for short BANPAS .  Some of you that follow my page will know that BANPAS promotes safe working practices amongst newborn and baby photography.


Their regulars blog explain issues to parents. These include topics such as safety, why book professional and other areas. They help educate and guide parents into getting those adorable images of newborns but also in a safe environment.   If you are looking for a newborn photographer please head over to their website here or over to their Facebook page to read up.


For me as a photographer, I joined as it was a place to watch webinars, receive discounts and join their great community. I had access to their private forum and get to chat with other newborn baby photographers.


This year they launched their new levels of membership,  and if you are starting out the friend level is a great place to start.  I wanted to go for their Pro level, and not stay on their standard membership level which is also awesome.  I wanted my work to go through the judging process, by their panel of ambassadors.


I  put together 12 images, then I sent them off to be assessed, and within a week I had heard I had passed !!!!!!   and have been given Pro Level membership!  Along with some amazingly talented ladies,  my profile on their website now displays the pro level logo on my listing.  The listing section is a great place to find local baby photographers.

With lots of people starting up in the newborn photography business there are lots of photographers to choose from, it can get very confusing. That’s why I wrote a blog about how to choose the right photographer for you.

I’ve heard people say ‘baby photos they all look the same’ ahh they do not. Photographers have very different styles and visions.  My style is very much natural, timeless, I love pure and simple images, teeny tiny baby details, whilst using a few delicate props.

Please look at the photographers’ style, do the babies look safe and comfy? (this is where BANPAS and its mission is great, they give examples of how photographers work safely) are they insured ? have a professional website? All these things and more can help guide you into booking the right photographer.


When you love your job as much as I do, you always look to improve and that’s why I invest in training, watch webinars, videos and went on first aid all in the last 6 months.  My job is a privilege and my clients come to a safe & warm environment. BANPAS has helped my journey and I would recommend them any baby photographers!


Jess xx