Newborn Mini Package by Norwich Photographer. 2016


This package has since been updated to become a Simplicity Newborn package 


I am now offering a special Newborn Mini Package at my home studio NR7, Norwich.  It is for those that have missed the typical,  ‘ideal time’ to photograph a newborn baby (5days – 3 weeks old).

It is for babies aged over 3 weeks old -and up to 12 weeks old, unlike the newborn session,  this package is focused on the awake images as babies really start to enjoy awake time and start smiling.

If the baby is sleepy than great, we will take a few sleepy images,  but this is a short and sweet session of up to one hour of studio time.  This package is an ideal opportunity to take sibling and family images as well 2 simple setups on the beanbag and flokati.



Babies ‘uncurl’ a week or so after birth and become more aware of their surroundings, at 4-12 weeks old the images will not be very posed. It is unlikely baby will sleep and fall naturally into the typical poses I do for little newborns.  But that means we get some cracking awake images as your baby’s little personality will start to shine through, and we get babbles and smiles.


If for any reason your baby is very unsettled babies can be rescheduled for 4 months onwards. You will be presented with a choice of approx 15 images to choose your favourite 10 from an online gallery. I also offer products such as mounted prints, albums and luxury wall art to showcase your images


To book your baby in for the Newborn Mini package email me or click here to send me a message and I will reply with my availability and booking information.