Safy Fitness is based in Norwich

Hi there

So Safy Fitness is based in Norwich, the aim of the business is to run fun outdoor fitness sessions that are for EVERYONE !!!!!
We have a session for everyone, with a low cost and embracing the great outdoors too of course
We want people to be able to reap the benefits of fitness whatever their circumstances.
Hence all of our daytime sessions are child friendly, so you can bring your kiddies along to enjoy the fresh air while you get a workout in. All age children are welcome.
We also run evening and early morning sessions (without children)


We offer Buggy Bootcamp, suitable from your 6 week postnatal check up, for Mums and babies in buggies, at Eaton park and Waterloo park.  These offer Mums a gentle introduction back into fitness with their babies. During these sessions we travel around the park in a group, complete gentle bodyweight and resistance band exercises. It’s fun, sociable and a really great way to meet other Mums and make new friends too. Although it’s called Buggy Bootcamp, no one is pushed hard, the exercises are designed for postnatal Mums, building core strength, gentle cardio, strengthening and toning.
We also run other day time sessions that are child friendly and a step up from buggy bootcamp including kettlebells and box fit.
I started this business as I love the great outdoors and all things sporty. I wanted to offer a service that benefits and helps people, especially Mums. Being a Mum can be lonely, exhausting and our classes are something that is for Mums, but where you can bring your baby.
And because the clients are actually doing something, walking, working out, it’s much easier to interact with new Mums, as opposed to sitting in a room where you have to make small talk.
The best thing about my job is meeting all the lovely Mums, helping them to feel stronger, seeing them all smiling, laughing and chatting and hopefully helping them to feel better about themselves, giving them space to moan and talk about motherhood.

Top tips

  • Give your body time to recover
  • Get out in the fresh air, and enjoy your baby.
  • Be brave and try one of our sessions for Free
everyone is so welcoming, friendly, and supportive, and there is always the cafe to visit afterwards for tea and cake.
we offer free taster sessions, book online

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