Classic newborn shoot or a Simplicity newborn shoot? What is the difference?

newborn shoot

The Classic newborn shoot;

The Classic Newborn sessions are best captured in the first 5-14 days, they can be done up to 3 weeks old. In the early days, babies are still in that gorgeous squishy phase – all curly and sleepy from being in the womb.

This is also when they are most likely to sleep for some of the shoot, and be content whilst being gently moved into positions, such as laying on their tummies allowing me to tuck their hands under their heads. (Older babies are more alert and love to stretch out and this is why I created my Simplicity newborn package so that parents do not feel they have to miss out on having a shoot if their baby is that bit older)

The classic newborn session usually lasts around 1.5 –  2 hours, but always on the baby’s timescale.

Young babies feed on demand and this is why the longer shoot is great for babies under 3 weeks old. I never want to rush through, and part of the session is feeding, winding, and nappy changes.

This is when we pause for a break, snacks etc. If siblings are present and happy for me to take some images, I will encourage them to have some on their own too.

We do try and get some sleepy curled up images in the longer shoot. Sometimes babies just won’t sleep.

But I always emphasize, the way I work means your baby will be photographed awake, asleep, yawning, sneezing – it’s totally baby-led and about capturing them just as they are.

This package is best for those who wish to photograph their baby soon after birth and want more studio time and images to choose from. 

The Simplicity package

The Simplicity package – is a shorter simpler shoot. The shoot is up to 45 – 60 minutes of studio time instead of the classic longer shoot.

It is perfect for older babies up to 8 weeks (prem babies up to 12 weeks) but also for anyone who wants a shorter shoot.

We do not spend time getting the baby asleep, but there is always time for feeding and nappy changing. In this shoot, we often take more awake and wrapped images, it also gives families time to be in some photos and for me to photograph babies on their own.

If your baby is older and therefore more alert this is the package for you.

Often parents book this package if they are keen to have their newborn baby photographed whilst small but are happy with the baby being awake and not as posed or asleep . As this is a shorter shoot, there is less variety of images and backdrop changes but I always ensure we get your baby’s little details such baby toes, hands, button noses etc photographed.


This package is great for those who have older babies,  want a shorter session (great for those with toddlers ) , or families who want to photograph their new baby but dont require many images or poses.



Have school-age children?

I work weekends but they get booked quite a bit ahead. But I do offer to split the shoot into two sections. The baby during the day and sibling images can be taken after school,  or at 9 am so that you can then get them to school. The feedback has been great.

“I loved having the family/ girls pictures split. As I got to have a relaxed shoot with just me and Jack. Then when the girls then had their’s it was very quick to get there photos done . It was perfect !! 
Thank you again” Gina, Norwich 

I hope this helps you decide the difference between my Classic newborn shoot & the Simplicity newborn shoot