What happens at a newborn photography shoot? Baby studio Norwich.

I hope reading what happens at a newborn photography shoot at my studio (Norwich) is like, will help ease any worries. When a client books with me,  I have a chat via email or phone with them and explain a little about newborn sessions. I then send an information sheet before the shoot on what to except and hopefully answer any questions. I have a promo video of me working with a newborn please click here to view.

Below is a typical newborn session.

10 am clients arrive with their ickle baby and I invite them into the studio and whilst they unpack I make a cuppa and chat through what they would like from the session.

10.15am If the baby is asleep, I will undress baby and I place them on the bean bag and start to get those cute sleepy images. Or the baby may want a fed. While the baby is feeding I chat with the parents and ask how the labour went- I never tire of hearing birth stories.















10.30 After the feed and winding we sometimes do the parents & family images especially if there is a young child/siblings. Then Dad or a grandparent can take the siblings out for a while and Mum and i focus on the baby.  Or we do the parent images at the end of the shoot,  its lead by baby and you the parents.



11 am Baby led – I really do go with the baby, and if your baby is awake and chilled I will get the awake shoots on the bean bag, shoot from above on a rug and change setups. Once I have taken the awake shots and baby starts to get sleepy. I will then settle the baby into a nice sleep and move them gently into some poses. Below is a mixture of recent newborn shoots, the babies aged between 11 days and 4 weeks old.



11.30  Baby by now may need a top up fed, even if they have just been fed being a model is thirsty work and may need a little break.



11.45 Sometime a baby will not settle on the bean bag, as long as the baby is relaxed and happy I will take photos. But if your baby is unhappy I will try and settle the baby/wind / fed them first. I go first rather than the Mum – as they can smell their milk and also sense they may be anxious (I’m a mum too and know how much it means to you to get these precious photos).  I love baby cuddles and want parents to sit back and chill, it really is a joy to settle a baby back to sleep or bring their wind up ready for some awake shots!


12.00 About 75% of the time I have had a blanket change or three by now because of popping or wees, and this is not a problem! Parents always apologise but I’m soooo used to it and own a good washing machine and tumble dryer 😉 If the parents want, I add a few hats and headbands but my style is simple, neutral and timeless. I always like to get some macros shots of the little details.


12.30 session ends and I have a goodbye cuddle! most of my sessions last 2-2.5 hours.

baby sleep on blanket










Here are a few FAQs I often get asked:

When should I book the session? Ideally before your baby is here as I work part time I get booked up quite quickly, but after your 20-week scan or sooner is fine.

Why does a newborn shoot take 2-2.5 hours? I do not rush, it can take time to get sibling shoots and to then settle a baby into a deep sleep. Along with blankets changes, feeds and nappy changes time soon whizzes by! I find my sessions hardly ever take longer than 3hours but I ask parents to allow plenty of time. Also to get the little hands uncurled and babies moved into position takes time and patience.

What training have you had? I have trained with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers and have been a pro level member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers.

My baby is 3 weeks old am I too late to have a newborn session? No not at all, ideally we photograph newborns in the first 14 days because they are still very sleepy and curled up from being in the womb. However, I book newborn shoots up to 3 weeks old. After 3 weeks I would advise you to book my newborn mini package for babies aged 3-12 weeks old.

Do I need to bring anything like hats etc? Not really, unless you have anything special to have photographed with your baby, I have hats, headbands here, I will also send you an info pack when you book which covers what you need to bring.

Are siblings allowed at the shoot? YES! I love capturing families and the love between siblings. I do ask that if possible one parent can take the older siblings out to the park so they do not disturb the sleeping baby. There is no extra cost, the majority of the session is dedicated to the newborn baby.

How long do I have to wait to view my gallery/images? Usually, your gallery link will be sent within a week but no more than 2 weeks.  Please see my full price-list.


I hope you have found it useful to read what happens at a newborn photography shoot, I do work differently to other photographers and for more information or to book a newborn shoot email me at info@jesswilkinsphotography.co.uk or you can use my contact form.


Jess xx



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