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    Waxing in Norwich

    The ins and outs of Waxing, Faye at Sage Therapies 2015 guest blog

    Intimate waxing, whether it’s a Hollywood, Brazilian, Back, sack and crack or bikini, the same applies to all of them. Discretion, professionalism, a sense of humour, specialist training, a good wax and care and consideration are all qualities a specialist intimate waxer needs. Of course it’s not just intimate areas that can be waxed, any area of the body can be, with eyebrow shaping being another very popular and time saving treatment. There just has to be enough hair length for the wax to grab on to, with two weeks’ worth of hair growth being fine for most people. Step away from the razor, tweezers or hair removal cream and let it grow, saving you both time and money in the long run.

    There are two different types of wax, strip wax and peelable (also known as hard, or hot) wax. Strip wax is used for large areas such as backs and legs. Peelable wax doesn’t stick to the skin, but grabs tightly to the hairs so it’s perfect for intimate areas, facial waxing, underarm etc. It’s strong on hairs, but gentle on even sensitive skin types. The brand I use is full of botanical ingredients and isn’t perfumed so it’s great for men, women and sensitive skin.

    Most clients get waxed 3-6 weekly with the majority coming at about 4 weeks. When first getting a wax you’ll find that some hairs “appear” to come back quicker, because hairs grow in different cycles. After around 4 regular waxes the hairs will be growing at the same time and so can be removed all together. You then get smoother skin for longer. First time waxing can feel uncomfortable as the wax is removed, but it doesn’t take long, and with the right technique, professional wax and plenty of chatting its over very quickly.


    Pretty much anyone can be waxed, whether your pregnant, have your period, male, or at any age from 16-75 and beyond! Come with clean, well moisturised, hairy skin and leave feeling smooth, clean, hair free and having spent a few well deserved minutes to yourself. The amount of hair removal can be tailored to suit you; from all pubic hair being removed, to just a tidy up around the knicker line. Lots of women have a wax just before their due date, a reminder that if you’re not a regular waxer hormones in your body can make it slightly more uncomfortable at this time.

    It’s nearly impossible to give a thorough intimate wax with knickers or pants on (ever had a haircut with a hat on?) So leave any embarrassment behind and let me do the best job I can. By the time you’ve had your first wax you’ll find we are chatting away and you’re actually look forward to the next appointment; there’s not many points in the day when you get to lay back and do nothing!

    With more than 8 years waxing experience, you’re in safe hands.


    For Waxing in Norwich visit Faye at Sage Therapies.

    For more information visit, my business page on Facebook is or telephone 01603 486538. I’m always happy to have a chat about your requirements with waxing so just get in touch. With easy parking and late evening and early morning appointments I usually have a time to suit you.

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