Ulcerative Colitis in Pregnancy Norwich

Welcome to my new guest blogger Cristi, she will be chatting all things pregnancy related and letting us know what is like to have Ulcerative Colitis in Pregnancy.

‘We have a problem’… those were the exact words the nurse whispered to me whilst I was laying in a hospital bed waiting for possible stomach surgery.
‘Your test came back positive, congratulations you’re pregnant’. Almost 3 years ago I was admitted to hospital for a flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis (a condition I suffer with). I was waiting to see if I needed stomach surgery when they asked the question “is there any chance you could be pregnant?” I struggled to remember when my last period was, so tests were done and to our (happy) surprise we were diagnosed with Colitis and pregnancy all in one day!

Fast forward 3 years and I’m still breastfeeding my now 2-year-old daughter, Eden. Whilst we were not “actively” taking precautions to prevent pregnancy – we were certainly not trying as my periods never returned following my first pregnancy and 2.5 years of breastfeeding, we just assumed “hey, no period, no ovulation, no problem… right?”

In March I started to become quite unwell again, another flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis had my consultants talking about chemotherapy treatment and further hospitalisation. I was sad, reluctant and anxious about starting the treatment and I was beginning to feel really sick… almost like morning sickness… but it couldn’t be. Could it?

One evening I almost threw up looking at my dinner, the next morning I had to tip my coffee down the sink because I was revolted by the smell. I jokingly said to my partner, I feel like I have “morning sickness”, we laughed about how impossible that might be and I carried on my day feeling nauseous and dizzy.

A few days later my Ulcerative Colitis had become so uncontrollable that I had to work from home. I decided that the morning sickness feeling was getting worse, so to ease my mind I would take a test. Within seconds of peeing artfully on that tiny strip, it came back POSITIVE. I was so happy, excited, surprised, shocked and slightly worried about how my illness would impact the pregnancy.

I was approximately 8 weeks pregnant when we found out our happy news. The first trimester was a real whirlwind blur, I definitely felt more unwell with baby no.2 than I did with Eden. I didn’t fancy any food, even the thought of eating or the smell of cooking made me nauseous. I actually lost weight and felt really worried – but the midwives reassured me that whatever I could manage was better than nothing. Crackers, toast, and Weetabix became my staples, my poor nipples were so sore and tender, I was dizzy and tired (all the time)… then suddenly 14 weeks of pregnancy appeared from nowhere and all of the symptoms stopped, I felt like a human again.

Sadly during week 15, my milk dried up and my toddler self weaned with ease and happiness. I had been hoping she would gently wean when she was ready, the timing just felt right. She now strokes my rounding tummy and says she will feed the baby when it “pops out”.

At our 12 week scan, the sonographer told us we had a wiggly little baby who simply didn’t want to keep still. Our estimated due date is the 2nd of November and as I am a high-risk pregnancy I will be monitored closely and need a consultant led birth. I am pleased I am being cared for but slightly disappointed that I might not be able to have a midwife-led birth as I had hoped to have a water birth in the maternity unit at NNUH. I am keeping a very positive mindset and have started to read Ina Mays book on childbirth and am researching hypnobirthing for a calm, positive, joyful birth experience… I shall keep you all updated on my journey so far. PS. I am 20 weeks now and we just had our gender scan… ITS A BOY!

Ulcerative Colitis in Pregnancy Norwich

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