The twin pregnancy journey- 20 week scan


After our 12 week scan, I literally felt as though the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet. Life would never be the same again. It took me weeks to accept that I was pregnant with twins and I guess love the babies I was growing inside me. I was left just so hugely overwhelmed with everything. We now had a mountain of logistical things to sort out.

 We had literally got a new (5 seater car) the previous year but this was now obviously going to be useless. This was one of the first things we looked to sort out and we were, fortunately, able to get a 2nd-hand 7 seater fairly quickly, although it did mean compromising for an automatic but beggars can’t be choosers! I think this lifted a huge weight and stress for both of us knowing that we’d be able to go out in the car as a family.

The other big thing I was keen to get sorted was the twin buggy. I knew which one I wanted and a brand new one was out of the question, so, much to my husband’s annoyance, I was constantly checking market place. I soon managed to find the exact one with everything we needed for an absolute bargain! Stress was once again reduced and I felt so much better and more prepared having got the two big things sorted.


My 20 week scan was booked for between Christmas and New Year so with all the Christmas prep, shopping and various events and parties I didn’t have the brain capacity for any more twin logistics. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was more looking forward to- Christmas or seeing the twins again on the screen, finding out if they were ok and if we might potentially be having at least one girl.

20 week scan

Thankfully everything was fine on the 20 week scan and both twins were measuring and growing well with no concerns, which was a relief. Having hoped and prayed for at least one girl, we found out that we were having two more boys. I’ll be totally honest- I was a bit disappointed. I was also a little surprised as I hadn’t been getting the random nose bleeds I’d got with my previous two pregnancies or the heartburn (although saying that, I’m currently writing this with one of those random nose bleeds!). But hey, at least we have all the boys clothes and toys! It’s also more practical than having one of each as it would have made the bedroom situation tricky as they got older. But more to the point how were we going to come up with two more boys names when we already struggled with names for our youngest son!


It was a relief that things were going smoothly and that the consultant was also happy with everything so far. I was also feeling much better about it all having accepted this was our path in life. Although, having suffered pelvic girdle pain in my second pregnancy, it had started a lot earlier this time! Come 20 weeks I was already huge and limited in how far and fast I could walk due to pain in my pelvis, particularly my pubic bone. Time for a self-referral to the physio!




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