Top 8 must haves for pregnant mums in Norfolk 2018


Although not always the most comfortable period of a woman’s life, pregnancy is truly magical. To help these exciting nine months go by as easily as possible, I’ve made a list of the eight most essential things all Norfolk mums should have when they’re expecting.


  1. Motherly Love – Tums and Boobs Stretch Mark Oil


Using specially formulated oil throughout your pregnancy can help to maintain your skin elasticity, minimizing and even preventing stretch marks. Invest in good quality oil as soon as you know you’re pregnant and keep using it until after the baby is born for the best results. Jan is an ex-midwife and super lovely.


  1. Esme Dresses


Most high street maternity wear is fairly samey. You’ll see a lot of stripes and dark colours but very few stylish pieces of clothing. If you want maternity items that are comfortable and eye-catching, take a look at the Esme Dresses collection. Get in touch with Laura and she can show you her wonderful collection.











  1. Pregnancy yoga with Jackie at the Orange Grove Clinic


Pregnancy yoga offers mums to be a fantastic chance to relax, unwind and prepare their bodies for childbirth. It’s also a great way to meet other mums in your local area. Both Pregnancy yoga with Jackie at the Orange Grove Clinic and Yoga Bumps are perfect for mums to be in Norfolk.







  1. Pregnancy massage


Pregnancy can be tough on your body, so why not reward yourself with a pregnancy massage? Designed to help ease aches and pains and leave you feeling revitalised, it’s an absolute essential for all pregnant women out there.


  1. Pregnancy pillow


In the later stages of pregnancy, sleeping on your side will be your only viable option. A specially designed pregnancy pillow will make this a lot more comfortable and make it a lot more likely you’ll get a good night’s sleep. I loved mine and then used to get cosy when feeding my babies.


  1. Sick bands


Although sick bands may not work for women with severe morning sickness, for those just feeling a little queasy they can offer real relief.


  1. Antenatal classes


Antenatal classes are a fantastic way to prepare your body and your mind for being a mum.  About Birth and Babies offer free early pregnancy classes all around the Norfolk area.


  1. Hypnobirthing classes


Hypnobirthing is growing quickly in popularity with mums to be across the country. Many women find it helps to make the birth calmer, easier and less traumatic for both mum and baby. Contact Jenni at Normal Birthing or  Jackie at the Orange Grove Clinic to find out more, both are great.


And if you want lots of information on what’s on, local baby groups pleas check out Norwich Mumbler.


Another thing to consider to do before your baby arrives is booking your newborn photo shoot. This wonderful time is all too fleeting, so make sure you capture it before it’s too late. I do sometimes have the odd last-minute slot so if the baby is here lets chat!