Baby Portrait Photography and The milestone you have to capture


Baby Portrait Photography and the milestones you have to capture at my fully equipped baby studio in Norwich. What do I mean by milestones? If you’re a parent, or a proud auntie or uncle, you’ll know that there’s something truly magical about newborn babies. Images of newborn babies sleeping peacefully are enough to melt the hardest of hearts and capturing this fleeting part of a child’s life is a fantastic way to keep a part of your newborn forever.


As children become more confident and begin to babble and move on their own, the opportunities for capturing unique images only increase. Once babies reach the age of six to nine months, they’re able to sit up all by themselves. Having a photoshoot done at this stage, at my lovely cosy home studio in Norwich,  gives you the opportunity to capture some truly special images, giving you a memory you can treasure forever.


Capturing your baby’s personality at a Baby Portrait Photography shoot at my studio in Norwich.


When babies begin to hold themselves up, smile and interact with the people around them, their personalities really begin to shine. With a little gentle coaxing, most babies of this age will grin for the camera. These heartfelt, toothless smiles (or with one or two tooth pegs peeking out ) are truly priceless. They show the child’s developing personality and make for spectacular photos.


As well as smiling, this stage of a baby’s life often involves a lot of toe grabbing. A photo of a baby munching on their tiny feet is a fantastic memento of this precious period and is a must-have for all proud parents out there.

Baby Portrait Photography


Smile or no smile

 Sessions are fun and not forced, I am all about capturing your child as they are, whether it’s a gorgeous serious face and or their joy as we play a game of peek-a-boo.

As sessions are relaxed and fun, they’re enjoyable for both the parents and children, making for a great family experience.

Baby Portrait Photography











Sitter sessions


If you’d like to capture timeless images of your child as they grow, a sitter session is a perfect choice. Full baby sessions with siblings can be booked at any time at the studio I am based in Sprowston, Norwich. And for a limited time only in September Sitter mini sessions are available, ensuring there’s an option to suit you and your baby perfectly. Be quick and book here.






If your child isn’t quite at the sitting stage, give us a call to discuss our Watch me Grow package and the other sessions we offer at my home studio in Norwich.


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