Preparing for birth – Guest blog from The Daisy Foundation Norwich:

Hi, I’m Chloë, I help in the preparing for birth at my Daisy classes in Norwich. This is me within hours of giving birth. Amazing support through pregnancy, labour and birth were so important to me. I used my movements, breathing techniques and positions from Daisy class. But it was the knowledge, the affirmations, the self-belief that Daisy Birthing offers that were most powerful and gave me confidence. I love supporting other Women through this journey.

Birth prepartion Norwich

But do I need to prepare for birth?
Every one of us deserves knowledge to make informed choices. Whether this is our 1st or 5th baby we all need, nurture, support and time out to truly relax during pregnancy, connect with our growing baby and feel special.

Birth prepartion Norwich

“Natural non induced birth. 4 hours a massive 9.8lbs and no stitches! Thank you so much!!”

I just got this text from an amazing woman I had the pleasure of helping to prepare for her second birth. We had a one to one with her partner at home and she was very emotional. She explained how tough her first birth had been. She’d been induced and didn’t know what to expect. She felt unsupported, out of control and panicky. We talked about her experience and what she wanted this time.

Playing our relaxing Daisy music in the background we talked about birth, what is happening hormonally and physically and what she could do to work with her body and her baby at each stage.

We practiced breathing techniques and birth positions to help her stay in control and feel empowered. Her partner loved stepping in to try some of the massage techniques and she instantly relaxed with him beside her.

I could see the love her and her partner had for one another and her daughter. I could just tell they were going to make an awesome birth team and I felt so honoured to be a small part of their amazing journey as their family grew from 3 to 4! The extra knowledge and practical tips had really helped them to feel confident and ready and I can’t stop looking at the picture of their gorgeous girl, this job makes me so broody!

Every birth is different and taking time out to relax, breath, unwind and focus on your baby and your upcoming birth can be so lovely- you deserve it!

In our weekly classes we start with gentle yoga based movements. We play relaxing music, close our eyes and release those aches, pains and worries from the week.

We always break to talk about labour and birth, from space making positions to ways to keep labour progressing, to the hormones we produce and how we can use our senses, environment and anchors to stay calm and relaxed.

Every class ends with a guided relaxation. As the music continues to play and the words wash over you many Mums drift away, feeling renewed, refreshed and confident by the end of class.

I am there to offer support throughout and it’s so lovely to get to know other pregnant women. I met my closest new friends at my own Daisy classes!

Birth prepartion Norwich

In Daisy Parent we all explore antenatal and active birth education with movement, breath work and relaxation. Birth partners love getting involved and learning useful ways to offer support and positive touch. Offering their strength through mirrored breathing, massages and holds can be so powerful and such a beautiful way to prepare and bond before your precious arrival.


If you or someone you know is pregnant I would love to hear from you. Daisy is all about positivity and preparing for the birth you want. Every text or call I get with a birth announcement or message of thanks makes my heart skip a beat!

Chloë x
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