Pregnant? Massage can help you and baby

Are you Pregnant? Massage can help you and baby, Guess Blog by Jan from Motherlylove


Over forty years I have helped thousands of mums and their partners to have a very happy positive childbirth & pregnancy experience. Working in a hospital and in the community and on two continents, I found that the benefits of massage and traditional ways were so beneficial for when you are pregnant & labour. Being a medical person I wanted to know the science behind these techniques for pregnancy & labour, so obtained a BSc.(Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy. To share my knowledge as a midwife and aromatherapist, I have created this range of 100% pure natural oils for pregnancy, labour and babies please click here to view my website.


Many Dads-to-be want to be more involved with their partners in pregnancy and birth to give loving encouragement:-


1) Massage is very relaxing and comforting in pregnancy.


2) Using a foot and leg massage can ease many pregnancy discomforts, such as tired overheated feet, leg cramps and promotes sleep in pregnancy when you ease those aches and pains.


3) A hand massage can ease tension after a hectic day carrying heavy bags.


4) A back massage when you are pregnant can help with lower back pain, especially as you advance in pregnancy.


5) From pregnancy to labour massage the benefits are huge, as in labour, massage soothes tired muscles and comforts the emotions when you are coping with pregnancy or labour.


6) When you are less anxious in pregnancy, your stress hormones are reduced and studies have shown that your baby will benefit enormously in their foetal development.


Practising massage in pregnancy is a great help for labour, as you will feel confident to massage your partner in labour. Use a simple hand massage if she has an epidural or caesarean section, as researchers have demonstrated that a hand massage helps for anxiety and pain relief. (


Importantly, don’t forget that when the baby is born, capture those very precious magical moments of your newborn baby with photographs by a trusted experienced photographer.






By Jan Bastard