Pregnant guest blogger ,  its nearly time Rachael is 38 weeks pregnant and the next blog will be her birth story!


I’ve got to be honest – I’m a little bit disappointed. I know we ‘shouldn’t’ wish it away but I really have found this pregnancy the hardest of all and I had hoped that I might be writing you a birth story instead.


It’s been a fairly uneventful 4 weeks really – as in nothing major has happened. I have had some serious Braxton-Hicks (to the point where I’ve thought everything was starting to come together), and then a few days of false labour just to dangle the carrot that little bit more!









I had to nip in to Delivery Suite at 35 weeks because of some pains I was having, they popped me on a trace and baby was super happy. They also measured my bump (no idea why) and had a bit of a fit when they realised that I was measuring 2cm’s over and that thus far I had declined a GTT test.  I actually declined again (I have measured big with all of my babies and I have been monitoring my blood sugar at home). There was talk of a growth scan to check baby wasn’t ‘too big’. Incidentally I had my Community Midwife appointment a few days later. When she measured me,  she had to refer me for a growth scan anyway, but for static growth- shows how accurate these measurements are!


birth story










I went for my growth scan which showed baby to be just above the 50th centile. It was a funny scan because I said to the sonographer ‘if you happen to see a willy floating about can you just let me know as there has been some uncertainty on the gender’. I obviously hadn’t asked or expected her to go and search, but she obliged and suddenly on the screen popped the funniest ‘school boy’ drawing of a willy & balls I have possibly ever seen! It really made me chuckle – all it needed was a few stray hairs to add and it would have been a high school work of art! Needless to say I’m now happily convinced he is definitely a boy!


I’ve also just done my hypnobirthing refresher through an amazing company I found via recommendation on a home birth facebook group. The Positive Birth Company  offer a comprehensive Hypnobirthing programme online via digital download for only £39! I must be honest I wasn’t expecting a huge amount for £39 but I have been unbelievably impressed!


I’ve also booked (on Jess’s recommendation) for some reflexology  next week. I’m hoping it will encourage little man to join us sooner rather than later but actually it will be lovely to just relax anyway.


So the next time you hear from me will be the birth story (whenever that may happen!) – wish me luck for my final attempt at an MLBU Hypnobirth/Waterbirth experience!


I look forward to sharing it with you!


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