Pregnancy guest blogger  34 weeks could this be my last blog before baby is born?

I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since my last blog and soon my baby will be born eek.  I feel like I have a whole heap of stuff to share with you!


My last blog was at 30 weeks and we were off to Centre Parcs  . It so happened to be the week that it snowed so it was awesome timing and I didn’t have bored kiddies (even bigger hurray!)….although I learned a few things whilst we were there this time:

  1. In a place where you have to walk everywhere AND it’s snowing AND you can’t get your coat done up around your gargantuan belly it gets pretty damn nippy!
  2. Putting puddle suits, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and wellies on 2 children 10 times per day gets REALLY ANNOYING!
  3. They are right – you have no balance when pregnant…not so much Bambi on ice, more like the Gruffalo on ice!
  4. The rapids are really not that much fun when you have to sit up to go down them – boooo!


Since we got back from holiday we have been in ‘get organised’ mode.  Now given that we have not got rid of anything from our last two children, this is itself is a mega task. To the point where our house is basically a complete mess, as everything baby related has been pulled out to either wash and sort or to sold/given away. I’m actually writing this surrounded by 10 bags (and 2 boxes) FULL of girls clothes!


I ‘may’ have given in to one purchase for this little one (not that we need anything!), but I have treated me/him to a Joie Serina 2 in 1 Swing . It’s one of those that for the price it really should rock the baby, feed the baby, make the tea, clean the house and iron the shirts for you. It might not do all of that, but if it means that I can manage 3 children then I’m all for the investment!


It seems when you get to this stage of pregnancy people believe they have some sudden permission to comment on the size of your belly – now I should point out that I’m not actually hugely offended by these comments (I’m pretty thick skinned), but my absolute favourite so far has to be RIPE! Yes, someone said I looked RIPE…I mean WHAT AM I, AN AVOCADO?










Either way the comments about having a big belly are right, yet again I have a big bump (but then I have in every pregnancy) although this one is in fact the smallest of them all so far. Even so he has got the midwives hopping at me about having my GTT {} test done (which up until now I have refused). I have chosen instead to buy a blood glucose monitor for use at home and measure my own blood sugar levels so we will see what transpires there.

Pregnancy guest blogger 








Who wants to put bets on whether baby is born before my next blog post at 38 weeks?


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