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Thinking of finding someone who provides placenta pills in Norfolk ? Read on to find out more. You go to the antenatal classes (or you don’t) you watch one born every minute, movies with the call for hot water and towels and you, as a first-time, second time, third time mum (as so many of us do) don’t question any further once the baby is placed on your chest.

From where I sit now (– ahem, next to my placenta dehydration station) I’ll be asking ‘WHAT ABOUT THE PLACENTA??’

But what about the placenta…. A question I never would have asked before my second child…

What is a placenta?

Oh, only a sustainable, life perpetuating, all giving organ supplying all mammals with the essentials they need to grow and develop in the womb…. Only an organ that a female mammal grows from scratch when pregnant. It is so crucial through pregnancy in sustaining life it seems madness that it is removed as ‘toxic waste’ when through the ages so many cultures and remedies have relied on it, cherished it and treated it to rituals that demonstrate its vital place in the life cycle. Most importantly for me why is it ignored when women who have in this day, age and country chosen to go down the placentophagy road, report incredible results.

Up to the point of my second child, I was armed with only this information:

That in the third stage of birth, once my beautiful baby is placed on my chest I’ll birth the placenta, after it has detached from the uterine wall and it will be removed by a midwife. A vague wave of the hand as you’re told you’ll need to inform the midwife as to whether you’d like an injection to help that second birthing process along. That’s it. For many this is ok and the idea of utilising the placenta makes them squeamish and don’t want to give it a second thought.

Now I’m more armed with information, and it’s that information, I started this blog with, that leads me to ask this question of our current, cultural dismissal of the placenta. Because I’m a placenta specialist and I care about what happens.

I write this in my office next to the room where I blend, dehydrate, powder encapsulate and prepare placentas for the next stage of their ‘giving’ life force. Since trying it myself I like to think of myself as a magician of the placenta, creating magic from these incredible and life supporting organs. It’s fascinating, it’s beautiful and I’m aware you may think I’m bonkers, but I’ve seen the results and I’ve experienced them myself and it’s this that drives me to make others aware because it changed my second child experience in the most positive and beautiful way possible.

So, let’s start at the beginning – just what is a placenta… The following information is taken straight from the NHS website:

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of your womb during pregnancy.

It keeps your unborn baby’s blood supply separate from your own blood supply, as well as providing a link between the two. The link allows the placenta to carry out functions that your unborn baby can’t perform for itself.

The placenta is connected to your baby by the umbilical cord. Your baby is inside a bag of fluid called the amniotic sac, which is made of membranes.

What does the placenta do?

Oxygen and nutrients pass from your blood supply into the placenta. From there, the umbilical cord carries the oxygen and nutrients to your unborn baby. Waste products from the baby, such as carbon dioxide, pass back along the umbilical cord to the placenta and then into your bloodstream, for your body to dispose of them. (**note from me here – it doesn’t store these waste products it transports them)

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the placenta passes antibodies from you to your baby, giving them immunity for about three months after birth. However, it only passes on antibodies that you already have.

What happens after my baby is born?

After your baby is born, more contractions will push the placenta out through the vagina.

Your midwife will offer you a medicine to stimulate your contractions and help push the placenta out. They’ll inject the medicine into your thigh just as the baby is born. It makes your womb contract so the placenta comes away from the wall of your womb. This also helps prevent the heavy bleeding some women experience.

After the birth, your midwife will check the placenta and membranes, to make sure that they’re complete and nothing has been left behind.

If you have a caesarean section, after your baby is born, the placenta will also be delivered.

That’s it, factually correct but it doesn’t suggest that women have the option to take their placenta and

As an endocrine organ the placenta self produces many pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones that both sustain and prepare a mother for breastfeeding after birth. Packed with blood, proteins and minerals it’s an organ of nourishing goodness that would cost a huge amount if you were to purchase the man-made forms at a local health store. Remember, as these nutrients and hormones are produced by the mother they are also uniquely design to suit her individuality and this cannot be re-created.

Scientifically it is yet to be proven but it is my true and honest belief that those nutrients are far more beneficial to a mother simply because she is the person that made them and there is lots of supporting documentation available for anyone wanting to read beyond this blog.

To conclude I thought I would list out the amazing and wide- ranging benefits myself and other mothers found when we ingested our placentas through capsule and smoothie form (many of us able to compare between first and second births when we did and didn’t)

  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Replenished Iron Stores
  • Better Balanced Hormones
  • Reduction in Stress Levels
  • No Postnatal Depression
  • Increases Milk Supply
  • Reduced Postnatal Bleeding
  • Improvement in the Appearance of Skin/Nails
  • Increased feeling of Well-being
  • Increased Infant Bonding
  • Faster loss Pre-Baby Weight

So, there you have it, all the reasons why you’ll hear me asking over and over… ‘But what about the placenta?’ Head over to Cherish Placenta website to find out more about placenta pills in Norfolk.

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