Pilates in pregnancy and following birth – guest blog by Emma Harris

Pilates in pregnancy and exercise.  An exhausting word when you are pregnant or you are suffering from sleepless nights following the birth of your baby.  It is difficult to find the motivation to go for a jog, bike ride or fast walk let along commit to a gym membership or weekly class at the same time each week (nearly impossible with a new baby)!

Whilst I was pregnant with my first daughter I wanted to stay active to maintain my fitness, make sure I was strong for labour and have a reasonable level of stamina to help me adjust to life with a newborn.  Having the motivation to do exercise during my first and third trimesters and postpartum period was difficult.  Even for me.  Fortunately, I am a trained ante and postnatal clinical Pilates teacher, I, therefore, created myself a programme to see me through my pregnancy and I continued and progressed this after having my little girl.  My experience inspired me to set up a home-based service for other pregnant ladies and new Mums in Norfolk, which involves exactly what I did for myself.  Have a short Physiotherapy assessment and a chat to see what areas of the body need to be addressed alongside what each lady wishes to target.  I combine these two and create a Pilates routine that is progressed over  4, 1 hour sessions.  Many ladies choose to spread these sessions over a few weeks, whilst others like them on a weekly basis.  I am flexible and there are pros and cons to doing both, which we can run through after your first session.

I set up Stay Active in Pregnancy (based in Norwich) after my own experiences and therefore feel very passionate about what I do.  I treat every lady individually and have experience not only in Pilates during pregnancy and after birth but also in treating pregnant ladies with pelvic girdle pain (formerly SPD), lower back pain, sciatica, and other pregnancy-related conditions.  I love my job and feel very lucky that I am able to use my extra skills to work in an area of Physiotherapy that I truly love.



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Guest blog by Emma Harris

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