Preparing for re-opening my baby studio.

Preparing for re-opening… again in  APRIL!

I keep 2 meters distance where possible for the family images, I can now pose your babies wearing PPE which i do at all times. I’m now taking bookings soon for May/ June 2021 onwards contact me here to check if I have had any last-minute cancellations or to book for later on in the year.


Preparing for re-opening my baby studioAs there feels to be a shift in lockdown, a very slow re-emergence from a lockdown chrysalis I felt it sensible to start preparing my back to work plan not only for myself but for any customers booked in later in the year or yet to book. I won’t be opening (for both studio and outdoors) unless completely in line with government rules and regulations but I am preparing and will be working on a waiting list.

The very nature of my work demands for utmost respect and adhering to safety regulations so you can rest assured you will always find that in my studio, however I have decided (especially with this time on my hands) to up that level (especially with a little more time on my hands).


Ive recently completed another WHO course on covid although I do not have staff these courses are always insightful and helpful.


Whilst closed I have been under taking courses ready for when I return to work

opening baby studio

So what does that mean?

My cosy baby studio is repeatedly washed down and cleaned in between all shoots anyway but when all is open again I am super pleased to tell you that it will have had a revamp. Fresh paint, Fresh fabrics and a fresh set of rules to ensure our safety.

I have also used my time to take some online courses to assure you I am 100% prepared for your safety with hygiene. These courses include a standard precaution hand hygiene achievements, my COVID-19 barbicide certificate and participation in a certificate for the infection prevention and control of coronavirus with the WHO. These were free and I can share the links. 


When you arrive at the studio it will likely be very different from the process I have posted previously on my social media and website. I will be asking everyone to antibac hands thoroughly and remove shoes and coats before entering & placed in the box provided. Ideally, if we can limit to immediate family only – so no extended relations for the time being . I have plenty of anti-bac etc.  From last year it is mandatory to wear masks in the studio when not being photographed – babies and children do not need masks. I have some of anyone forgets. 

Sad as it makes me, I will be wearing gloves and a facemask, this is for all of our protection. I would also ask you to do the same (please provide your own where possible) and I’ll provide clear instructions on where to leave any items you have brought.  

Rest assured I will have a fresh uniform on for each individual booking and the studio will have been deep cleaned before your arrival. I use a minimum of props anyway, but for now, I will be removing most wooden toys, fluffy rug,  and the snacks and drinks I normally provide (I’m so sorry I know a hot drink is meant to be part of the experience!)

I will be logging mine and my family’s temperatures daily and will ask the same of you, if any of show any of the symptoms we will isolate and shoots postponed, if any health reason prevents the booking we can rearrange no problem. I now have the home testing lateral kits too. 

I know it all sounds very clinical and it isn’t the normal, however with safe measures in place I can guarantee keeping you safe within my premises; even though the snacks and props are gone or limited , your baby’s beautiful smile and wrinkly feet are not. There will be plenty of laughs and smiles as I capture your new bundle and making memories for a lifetime seems so much more important now wouldn’t you agree?

This might be the new way for now, but I promise I will make it the very best experience I can under the new rules.

Jess XX

opening baby studio