New guest blogger – 12 weeks pregnant


Please welcome my new guest blogger Danielle who will be blogging her pregnancy journey 🙂

It’s been an absolute dream come true for us to find out we were expecting after such an awful year. Sadly, we lost a baby in Jan, and it was very hard for us all. I struggled physically and mentally for some time.

But on the 4th July just a few weeks before our baby would have been due I found out I was pregnant.

Around a week before I even did the pregnancy test – I had a feeling that just maybe, I was like I could feel it. I couldn’t wait any longer and did a test the day before I was due and couldn’t believe it, I was convinced my body was playing tricks on me. I can’t even begin to explain the love and happiness we felt. We are over the moon. I left the test out for my husband to find; it took him all day. He couldn’t believe it either.

We’ve been so looked after by the early pregnancy unit. The staff at the NNUH have genuinely been excellent very reassuring, kind and they have supported me so much. I can’t thank them enough.

They kindly booked me a scan for at seven-week and everything was looking good I had another scan and ten weeks just to give me pieces of mind.

Then I also had the 12-week scan, and everything was perfect. It was such a relief I felt like it was really real now.

I’ve been feeling well and only had a couple of days as I struggled and felt like I couldn’t move. A few awful headaches but other than that all has been great.

I’ve not been able to stop eating eggs; it’s all craved oh and milk, I was the same when I was pregnant with my daughter.

We can’t wait for our next scan now to find out the sex.


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